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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by tthomass, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Try an electric mixer made by Belle if one is availble to rent. When I use to due concrete curbs we used this mixer and wanted almost a mortar type mix so we had a zero slump mix. You just might need a stronger mixer to get your desired mix. We mixed in a half ratio of 8-4-8 for this 3 cube mixer. Actually if your not mixing a ton of mortar it's quicker to mix by hand than draging a mixer around seting it up and cleaning it out etc etc.
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    We use a mixer like this...never have a problem at all. We do a lot of block and concrete work though. If there is a problem with the mix its the guy who is mixing that needs to fix it for the guys. Doesn't take a laborer long to figure out what he needs to do to get it right.
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    That mixer I have used before. The reason I haven't used it much.....well at all in the past 3yrs is that most of our jobs have terrain that is not in favor. Either we can't get it close to where we're working (ex: back yard) or for the size project it just makes more mess than anything. It could have worked on this particular project. To be picky, I wouldn't want to leave it in front of someones house/yard each night for two reasons........theft and the need to drive a second vehicle to the jobsite. The mixer I have is a drum mixer from Lowe's and its electric. It just does not mix mortar well at all. Bags of concrete for small walls, sure.
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    here it is.....

    Picture 022.jpg

    Picture 021.jpg
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    Btw, not to be totally against a mixer but for a majority of the projects we do right now, it just doesn't fit. Who knows what the coming year will hold.....
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    tell those people that those spiral topiaries are so 1990!

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    What type of ratio do you use for your mix? Do you put a bonding agent on the backs of the stone?
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    The walk is lookin' good!

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