RX-7 compared to regular deck

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    What are the differences between the 2 decks other then the fusion blades?

    I have a 2005 efi 72" mower with the regular desk. I also purchased a 2008 60" rx-7 this year. The new 60" will out mow the 72" inch. In a weeks time, I can tell which mower I used on a lawn. 72" will have brown clippings left on the lawn while the 60" leaves nothing behind. What can I do to make the 72" perform the same? Enlarge the opening? Use a different blade other then high-lifts? I need this 72" mower since I saves me so much time. If it comes down to buying just a deck for the 2005 mower, then thats what I'll do...
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    Blade overlap, baffling and deck depth and rubber chute.
    It is a totally different deck.
    The XR-7 will not fit on non XR-7 tractors.
    I received your email also.


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