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long time lurker first time poster. I have a ryan aerator 4 (bought used). The issue I am having is pretty straight forward. The tines or, specifically, the 'transport life handle' will drop on thier own due to thier own weight. for example, your walking the aerator down the sidewalk, tines engage, its sittiing in the trailer; tines engage. bug lands on the aerator, you know it!

I feel like the obvious answer may be the springs, but... hear me out... and ill include pictures, the springs have the opposite effect. When tines are up (transport mode) the spring is expanded, when tines are down (aerator mode) the tines are compressed. THis means that even if the springs were loose, it would simply be harder to lift back up (aerator mode to transport mode) not wanting to drop into aerate mode. this is how i am seeing it.

Anyways I will inlcude some pictures, one other thing relevent to the picts is my right lower link arm is slightly bent, part number; 2703758.7 this may have something to do with it.

my big question is;

1. How do I fix the sensitive drop?

2. I am not just being cheap with not buying new parts, I am in canada and its uncanny how there is NO online retailers. I am at the mercy of these dealers, which i kid you not. either want $29 CAD for a spring or something like $19 a spring and $25 freight. Does anyone from canada have a better method for buying parts?


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