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I'm in the middle of doing spring aerations on bermuda grass, and am all ready looking ahead to the fall. I would like to here from those that own the Lawnair 28. Is it worth the money? How well does it do on inclines? I currently am using a Ryan IV and have used a Ryan V in the past. I'm considering refocusing my business in 2001 to doing mwing 3 days a week and aeration 3 days--12 weeks in the spring and 10 weeks in the fall. All residential lawns. With this in mind is it worth the $4500 for the Lawnair 28? or should I buy a Ryan V for $2500? Thanks in advance.


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Nate,<p>Dont own either a LA V or and LA28 so I dont know anything about the maintenance or repair differences between the two. However, I have rented both units and the LA 28 is deffinately worth the difference in costs particularly if you are doing that much aerating. Being able to turn while you aerate saves huge time, it penetrates deeper(pulls tree root plugs and eats sprinkler heads) and is less dependent on soil moisture to do the job. The only downside that I found is on hills, which it is lousy on because there is nothing to hold it onto the hill. Good luck to you.

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