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Ryan Mattaway walk-behind slit seeder

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
We have a Ryan Mattaway walk-behind slit seeder for sale. Bought it used at an auction in April for use last fall. Ended up not needing it for the job we bought it for, and have no use for it now. The few details (as best as I know/remember them) are:

10 hp Briggs, newly rebuilt
~20" seeder (can't remember how wide for sure)
It is in GREAT condition

Asking $1500 OBO. Located approximately 1 hour west of Indianapolis, Indiana, near Roachdale.



LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a Ryan slit seeder I will sell for $900. it is self propelled


LawnSite Member
Green, Ohio
His name is "indyturf" and the location listed in the upper right of his post lists "Indy" so I am guessing it would be Indianapolis, Indiana.

A little digging through a few posts, I believe he is specifically in Brownsburg, only ~30 miles north of you.