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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by FINN, Jul 12, 2005.

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    I have an opportunity to buy a used Ryan Mataway overseeder dethatcher.
    It's sitting in a friends barn unused and appears to have been used one time. He purchased it from a rental company at some ridiculously low price about 2 years ago. He never intended to use it himself "it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up".

    Anyway, I'm trying to find out what it's worth and is it a good piece of equipment to work with for overseeding etc. I know Ryan is a decent product. I'm more interested in this particular model from those of you who have worked with it.

    I found new machine values from $4750-$5900. He thinks its about 5 years old. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not even that old.

    I'm going to pull it out of the barn and go over it in more detail. It's buried amongst other crap he collected so I couldn't look as close as I wanted. I did notice the tubes looked like they had mildew inside. The seed box appeared to be clean and no corrosion. Aside from the engine is there anything else on the machines to look at?

    I appreciate any ideas you might have.

    Thanks, Finn
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    i own one and have found it to be a very reliable piece. It does a great job of cutting the seed in espically when used in conjuction with an aerator. some people think it is a little tough to handle and it can be on hills but what isnt. as far as checking it out look at the blades they will tell you how much use the machine has had. If it is used heavly they will be worn down. I replace mine every fall and its an easy process. dirty hoses are no problem they pull off and can be cleaned and reinstalled easily. I have owned mine for 4 years and have had no major poroblems but i keep up on preventative. what its worth is hard to say, give me a pm and I can put you in contact with a buddy who sells them for Stull Equipment. Steve
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    I bought one recently that is 15 yrs old. starts on first pull and seeds awesome. It is a bit of a beast to use, if I have to use it i know that i'm in for a workout. Works great though.

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