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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by ed2hess, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Ric

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    Can't you run the line in a Galvanized Pipe to push it under the ground?? I am not explaining that real well but it works great.

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    I think he is going to cut the sod roll it up lay the lines then lay the sod back if I'm reading it right. I don't think hes going to use it like a plow. You can always get a piece of plate steel welded to a pipe and jab that into the ground. Then rock it back and forth and make a trench. That's how they do cable here.
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    Ed~ your saying a "drip line". Is this a supply line to a drip system or are you going to irrigate turf areas with a below ground drip system?
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    I thpught of doing that 2 summers ago when it was real dry. I didnt think the drip line would have enough pressure to push the water out of the holes?
    Has anyone tried this?
  5. Ric

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    Hard Water was a real problem when I had Mist house for propagation. The smaller Spray nozzles for misting got clodded easily. I had two sets of nozzles I kept changing out and soaked them in CLR to clean them. I am not sure that wouldn't be a problem with a drip system in turf. However I can also see green areas snaking through the lawn following the drip line. But then I am just guessing at this point.

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    I have seen three of these systems installed in Desoto and Charlotte countys in the landscape beds with new landscapes, by different contractors, the pipe is brown not sure of the manufacturer. In all three instances the system totally failed due to blockage from hard water. Since the pipe was just under the mulch I was able to track it and use it like poly pipe and install microjets, even these will sometimes clog with minerals but are easily replaced.
  7. Ric

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    There are a lot of the Brown drip pipes installed in landscape beds than you might realize. They are a no brainer install that means rolling a pipe out and covering it with mulch. I installed one system when I first learned about them and it failed. TRW sells more drip systems than Coastal Pump but I liked the Orbit drip nozzles and bought them off the Internet because each nozzle can be adjusted individually.

    One of the big problem with drip line in turf are the ROOTS. There are more plants per sq inch so more roots to clog the drip holes.

    It might be interesting to tell about your friend Johnny George's TEEPEES for citrus trees. These are Plastic boots that fit around the base of a citrus tree and look like a tee Pee. The micro jet nozzle sprays under the tree and wind and sun can not effect the spray. These greatly reduce the amount of water needed without reducing crop production. While it is a very simple design it just might make Johnny a Millionaire. My point is there is always a better mouse trap but I don't think Drip line for turf is one of them.

  8. ed2hess

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    Don't know about the hard water but there is lot of this drip going in our area. We have installs that are in the third year. There is a Lexus dealer that put drip over his entire lawn bushes ...http://www.netafimusa.com/
    Can't use the cheap stuff from Rain Bird and Hunter.

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