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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawn king, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. lawn king

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    Doe's anyone remember the ryan aerator they built in the early 70's. It was a 4 wheel,chain drive machine. It had a tripping clutch mechanism that woul'd raise and lower an axle of star/spyke blades spaced by cast iron weights. I woul'd call it the great grandfarther of todays slice seeders! Please,someone tell me they remember this machine! Perhaps i am the oldest member of this great website,Bummer!!!!!!!
  2. James Cormier

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    King, the furthest back for aerators that I remember using was the salco cam aerator. All I remember it was a big heavy metal box, with 2 little wheels on front casters and small dully wheels off the back. Man was that thing a beast on lawns, let alone getting it into the truck.

    I went from using that to the Ryan lA28, now thats a nice walk behind cam aer, boy have times changed.

    Where are you in this great state?
  3. lawn king

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    I'm 20 miles south of boston in a little hamlet called abington. They tell me abington is an old wampatuck indian word for land of many beaver. I remember that salsco aerator very well,classen built a similar cam driven rig and that also took 3 men and a boy to operate. I ran those(2) ryans for years,then parts got real scarce. I had a box of replacement parts hidden in a dusty corner at sawtelle brothers in swampscott, MA. When they ran out i sold the machines to a guy that drove all the way up from trenton NJ to buy them! I'm running 2 lesco 30's i purchased new in 1985, i just keep replacing the flange bushings and an occasional blade weldment and they will not die. Lesco keeps things simple thats why i stay with them!
  4. James Cormier

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    land of many beaver....hmmmmm..... :eek:

    Oh and I checked your profile, yah your old....older than me that is...but not the oldest....jab jab
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    back in 1988. A year later I bought the Ryan Mataway overseeder. Back then I think I paid in the mid 3000 range for each. In Dallas I only know of one company selling and servicing them and that is Luber Bros. Good machines, I would recommend them highly.
  6. lawn king

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    Ryan has built many quality aerators over the years. I purchased a 3 point aerator a couple of years ago, i would have bought the ryan but there lightest model was 1200 lbs. I went with the woods/gill pl 60. It weighs in at 450 lbs and has built in trays for additional weight. It doe's an awesome job and it's built like a tank. I will sat this about woods equipment, if it's a moving part,it has a grease fitting!
  7. Yes, used on gc
  8. greenhornet

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    Does Anyone Have Parts To A Old Salsco Core Cam Aerator? Front Caster Wheel For Starters And Possibly And A Clutch Rod Or Lever
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    yup, ran one during the mid 80's when I worked for Tru-green. Some one finally messed it up good by running it up a chain link fence. Took 3 of us and a cutting torch a whole day to get it untangled. Needless to say the aerator lost the battle

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