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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, Jun 22, 2007.

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    I am never going to live the duct tape down, that is fine I will live with it. But when a man talks about my "Big Smoky" now it is getting personal:laugh:

    Just sharing ideas here, I can't disagree with what you are saying only that I (PERSONALLY) like the design and functionability of the Big Smoky a lot better than any other directional light fixture out there. So I guess I have to dance with the devil.

    For me thats a wrap on this thread,
    ~Ned "Out"
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    Thought I'd update on one of the Ryco units I've got out there. I had a 900 watt unit get hit by lightning surge, along with a computer and other electronic items inside the home. The unit still worked, but had hum issues, very hot to touch, and the voltages were all over the place on the lugs. The display panel was also out, and the buttons no longer changed the digital readout for number of hours after dark. This unit originally ran from dusk to dawn and still did that, but given the damage, heat and hum and voltage issues I reccomended and the cleient agreed to let me replace the unit. I tried the new copper moon trans in a seperate review.

    I will attempt to replace the panel and see if less load will allow this unit to be a temporary or demo unit, or perhaps use it at my house to test lights or something. At 900 watts it is a very heavy unit, and not one I really want to lug around on a demo. but given the heat issues I can't even bear to sell this unit used, and I really don't want to install it at my house until I test out temps at a certain load level.
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    Also , as an update on all the others, after 1.5 to 2 years all other units are performing fine except with the lightning hit model above and the previously mentioned photo-cell issues. I have found some Ryco replacement photo-cell panels , which include the digital readout and timer controls, and I will let you guys know how hard it is to fix that.
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    hard to believe this thread is over 2 and a half years old. did a rebulb on a ryco trans job I put in way back when, 600 watt. all voltages are exactly in spec, trans works fine. the only trans I have had serious issues with was the one mentioned in 2009 that got hit by a lightning surge. The photocell/LED panel replacement module takes about 45 minutes to do, but has proven to be a successful fix for the several out there that had photo-cell problems.

    I may celebrate the 3 year anniversary of my testing by putting one more out there.
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    Hey, what ever happened to Ned Hastings? I see he was on this thread. Haven't heard anything from him in a long time now. I wonder how he is doing.
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    I believe I met him at AOLP conference, but there were some faces and names I wish I had better pictures for. I just read this thread. Pretty neat.

    Talk soon.

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    i bought two of the units 2 years ago and they are well built, heavy and easy to install BUT both of the switches on the front that allow you to change the timer settings have failed and i can not find any way to contact the manufacturer to honor the warranty. does anyone know a number, website or how to get in touch with them? thanks
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    it is very common (plaguing) problem on them. If it were not for that problem (it seems to happen on the MAJORITY of them within 2 years) we would have carried them as a value line. But it is just not acceptable to have a built-in cpntrol that you know will fail on alrge percentage so quickly.

    Sorry I can't help you on a source for the parts. However I can clear a misconception on this thread -- RYCO Engineering does not make the transformers, Ryco is just a private label importer from the real manu.

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    I did some scouring around the web and I think I found the replacement part you are looking for: see attachment below. $12.95

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    thank you for the info, i ordered them from the info you provided and hopefully it will work out. thanks again, marv

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