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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    an update on one of the first 2 ryco's I installed. I just did a yearly rebulb and 2 light add on to an install we did back in June 2007. The original 600 watter hs lost 1 300 watt side. They are deisgned with 2 complete seperate commons and 2 seperate 12-15v taps for those commons. the left side common appears to have had some arc'ing and is done. reset switches will not reset. the right side looks and acts fine. this install also has a 2nd ryco unit added during an 11 light add on in 2008. on the failed side, I moved the load over to the unused common and taps on that unit, and checked all loads and connectors, etc.

    This is a disappointing failure, and it appears the 4 wires on the failed side were barely in the unit. since all other wires were in all lugs properly, I am wndering if this is my fault or has smeone messed with those particular wires. I noticed the grey PVC was tilted over as if it had been hit, and there is an irrigatin backflow there that was just installed in the spring startup by another company. while it may be great to point fingers, it is the fact that these have open bottoms and the pvc is not secured by a threaded coupler and locknut like I would on a Volt, Coppermoon, FX, Garden Light or any of the dozens of pro units out there. while it my have been strapped to the brick mortar, In the end, my fault and my responsibility to pay for it.

    This customer will be adding lighting around their pool and back yard next year, and depending on the add on, I will replace both units with either a 12-1500 watt or 2 900's.
  2. Musky-Hunter

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    I installed a 600w Ryco a few years ago. After two years it failed and the distributor replaced it. That distributor is now gone and my second one just failed. In both cases the two breakers appeared to be malfunctioning. If you push them in they don't work properly. The breakers look exactly like the the ones pictured in this link - http://www.ace4parts.com/Products/8-AMP-32VDC--250VAC---CIRCUIT-BREAKER__B7008.aspx

    Unfortunately they don't show the amp rating so I cannot order replacements. Does anyone know what the amp rating should be so I can order replacement parts?

  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I would suspect they are 25 Amp breakers. Have you taken the transformer apart to see if the original breakers have any part number or markings on them.
  4. Musky-Hunter

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    Thanks for the reply. I did dissemble it and the breakers don't say what amp rating they have. They only have a part number I can't google and 125/250Vac 50Vdc and TC-2 50/60hz I guess this isn't surprising since it is clearly a low cost import.
  5. S&MLL

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    600 watts. You said two breakers. 300 watts a com. 300w/12v=25amp
  6. silvermaxd

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    I have used one on my house...its been in service for a couple years now...no problems
  7. David Gretzmier

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    someone asked about these trans on another thread and I can say that after 3 and a half years ( wow, it seems like yesterday) all units continue to function except for the issues previously mentioned. no new problems since the one already mentioned 7 months ago, ( that unit is still in place, no upgrade to her system yet) and all are holding voltage fine. I was at a property last week that has 3 of the 600 watt units and after a rebulb and cleaning, I checked voltage at sockets on about 6 fixtures. they are all still feeding voltage fine and no issues with photo-cells, timer or anything.
  8. mitch10102000

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    I know it's been awhile since anyone has posted to this, so hopefully my question gets answered! I recently purchased a Pinnacle Lights (branded by Ryco) 300 watt transformer and I did some testing on it out of the box with my multi-meter. For the different tap ports, these are the voltages I am seeing:

    My line voltage is 120 volts.

    12 volt tap – 12.1 volts
    13 volt tap – 12.9 volts
    14 volt tap – 13.7 volts
    15 volt tap – 13.7 volts

    Is this normal for the 15 volt tap to be putting out the same as the 14 volt tap? Or do I have a defective unit? There is no load on this thing...it was just pulled out of the box and tested. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  9. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Just for chuckles and giggles, load that up to 280 watts and re-check the voltage at the taps. I suspect you will be underwhelmed by the results.
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  10. Alan B

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    No that is not normal. I have researched that transformer and it is priced very well but had some significant drawbacks that prevented us from using it even for a "value line." The most significant is the built-in timer/photocell module. It is very prone to failure (as are all timer photocells). Being integrated made it a significant issue. (note: You are able to buy replacement modules). That will be your bigger issue down the road.

    It is the least expensive multitap transformer on the market. It has its place but it is not without issues. Personally if it were re-engineered with a few changes : non-integrated timer/photocell, ability to add your own, I would consider it as an affordable LED transformer. It is multitap, stainless steel, works and is very affordable.

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