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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greeninga, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. greeninga

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    from GA
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    Back in October I put out a perennial rye grass on baseball field, I put out 1000lbs on it. 20 bags. It is only coming up well in certain areas, I was wondering should I still go ahead and put out more now because I need it nice for the first game in March. Or should I put out a bunch on annual rye grass so I can at least get that green field I NEED. I have already put out pre-emergence on it 2 weeks ago. I know I need the temperature to be at least in the 60's for the seeds to germinate.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Basically I need to know what to do to get the field nice and green buy sometime in March. Thanks
  2. hackitdown

    hackitdown LawnSite Silver Member
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    I'm no expert in the fert field, but won't that pre-emergent weed control prevent seeds from germinating...including any new grass seed you put down?
  3. barefeetny

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    Do NOT PUT annual rye seed on anything....imo

    i think its stupid to waste money on a grass that should be classified as a weed...

    if you put anything down... put some kentucy blue down... it matches the rye well and it repairs well in case someone takes a chunk out of the outfeild sliding...I don't know when you lay seed in georgia, but here i know i still have snow..

  4. greeninga

    greeninga LawnSite Member
    from GA
    Messages: 81

    Yeah you are right about the pre-emergence it will not allow seeds to germinate. But I do know annual will grow on anything and fast. I just need to do something though, do not quite know what though.
  5. hackitdown

    hackitdown LawnSite Silver Member
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    Maximum fert may make the best of what you have going already.
  6. Rhett

    Rhett LawnSite Bronze Member
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    10-10-10 should give you a little growth.
  7. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
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    Wait until the weekend to reseed because the temps are going to drop again tomorrow and thursday. Maybe add a little straw to those areas that are doing so well. We have been getting enough rain to help keep it growing. Unless you are cutting that Rye low, on a softball field it doesnt stand a chance because its very weak. Make sure you check the ground temp also....thats the most important....make sure its above 55 degrees.
  8. seacoastlandscape

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    Nothing will germinate because of the pre emergence applied. You are going to have to break that barrier the pre emergence creates by maybe aerating and slit seeding very hard to allow some germination and break of that barrier.
  9. greeninga

    greeninga LawnSite Member
    from GA
    Messages: 81

    Thanks for the advice. So basically I shouldnt re-seed because of the pre-emergence I put down:hammerhead:. So do you guys think the best thing to do is put down fertilizer. I put down (9) 50lbs bags of ammonia nitrate 10 days ago. What should I do next? Thanks for the help
  10. Armadillolawncare

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    You screwed yourself with the pre emerge. What were you thinking? A little water and some fert would have probably gotten your grass growing.

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