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Rye Grass Questions?!?

Orkin Yards

LawnSite Senior Member
Jackson, MS
i overseeded 10,000 sq feet of centipede about 2 weeks ago using 2 5,000 sq foot bags of rye grass bought at lesco, i watered it really well then about a week alter i stared seeing rye grass, the grass needed mowed, not just the rye grass but all the other junnk sticking up also, so i mowed it and then put the fertalizer down lesco gave me and i watered it in....its been about 2 weeks sinse i planted and my grass isn't really good looking, you can tell their is rye grass but its not really pretty like the other yards i'm seeing around here, should i put more down sinse its my first time or does it take more than 2 weeks to fill out really well?? i'm in MS if that helps....thanks alot


LawnSite Member
south alabama
tell ya what i know about overseeding ryegrass. in addition to being full time lawn care, i do contract work for local 9 hole golf course. we overseeded tees on 10/16 & had "signs of life" in about 5 days. watered 3 times a day about 35-40 minutes at a time. (overseeding bermuda) in 8 days rye needed cutting but still didn't have a great stand. waited 2 more days b4 cutting. we cut one tee with jacobsen reel mowers w/freshly ground reels & new bed knifes. What we found in the baskets after making a few passes is that we were pulling some of the rye out by the roots rather than cutting it off. so waited couple more days and cut again. results were much better but quality of cut not that good. (bear in mind this is on a golf course where we are cutting at 1/2 inch with reel mowers) since then we have cut every other day, tees look good & have a good stand of overseed. (we did reseed a portion of one tee) all this being said, you may have pulled a lot of grass out of the ground when you mowed & also "dislodged" some seed that had not taken root. (rotary mowers create a lot of vacuum ya know). I would give it another 4-7 days. if it doesen't look good by then i might reseed at 35-40% of original rate. with overseeding you are not trying to "establish" a lawn, but merely trying to have a good "cover of green" during dormant months. by the way, i am about 150 miles east of you in alabama, so our weather & temp is about the same...hope this helps.

Southern Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
Had the same thoughts. Did one of my high end customers about a month ago up here in the Carolinas. Felt like you driving by other lawns saying Hmmmm did I miss something, my lawns don't look as good as that etc. I did some spot seeding and reaasured the customer it would come in thick and green and around day 20 and 21 it really filled in. Now It's green with envy. I'm not sure how you are going to cut yours but I have found by taking off the mulching blades and by using regular cutting blades it gives it a better cut. I also bag the grass because of the many flower beds in the landscape. I guess the whole moral to the story is: Time, give it a little more time. If you don't see a big change in about 25 to 30 days from seeding........Panic
Take care and good luck,


LawnSite Senior Member
North Alabama
Orkin Yards,
I aerated my lawn last Mon. and seeded Tues. The front of my house I use a combination of fescue. Behind the house I use the same fescue's but added rye. Has rained three times since then (once being today). Yesterday, the rye was at 1 inch in approx 15% of the lawn. Today over half the lawn is up and some is at 2-2.5 inches. I realize it will take some time for the fescues, but the rye should come up within 7-10 days. I do not plan on mowing until the fescue is all up. It may look bad for a while but I think I'll have a better stand in the spring.
By the way, the rye in the back was because I had almost no grass back there due to my two Doberman Pinschers running around constantly. It was a quick fix to keep mud out of my house. I've heard customers say that rye will grow on asphalt. So if the rye is not looking great in three weeks, there is a problem somewhere.

Just my opinion,