Ryegrass in the Summer

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DieselDennis, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Finishing up on a french drain installation this week, I filled in an area that had been washed out with gravel around the pipe and fill dirt around the gravel. I stopped off and got some "Quick & Easy" grass seed at the farm store to give me something to keep the fill dirt from washing away. Well after getting it spread, fertilized, and watered in, it occurred to me.

    You know this Quick & Easy grass seed is 99% rye grass. There ain't no way this stuff is going to grow as hot as it is right now (a high below 90 would be considered a cool front right now).

    So what's say ye? Is anything going to grow? Did I waste my money? It's 90% annual rye and 9% perennial rye if it matters.
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    It comes up quick if its hot and moist--however--is it irrigated? If not I don't see how it will last long. Can you put in a few plugs or sprigs of Bermuda? Maybe a little Bermuda sod or seed on top. Since annual rye will die from the heat or the cold--you need something more permanent anyway. Bermuda does fine in the heat (if moist), don't plant it in the fall.

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