Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer, 10 hours doesn't run


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It was brand new and was starting to have starting problems. I don't trim much at all on my lawns. I can't get it to start. I put in a new plug, it has spark. I changed the gas. It has oil and the primer seems to be pushing gas into the carb. Its past the warranty and I have called the company 2-3 times and get absolutely nowhere. I have seen them in stores and in surplus catalogs described as reconditioned. And still I can't find out whats wrong with it or what they have repaired on them when they were reconditioned. I'd like to try once more with it before I throw $180 away.


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Ok not a ryobi fan or expert but here are a few things to take a look at.
See if it has a spark arrester screen in the muffler, it may be clogged.
Remove the muffler to see if there is carbon built up in the exhaust port by removing the muffler.
Maybe the carb is durty and needs to be cleaned out.
Check that the air filter is clean.
Lastly maybe overhaul the carb.
Hope this helps.


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if you are in the business i would suggest you get rid of the ryobi and get an echo, redmax, shin, stihl, or some other commercial grade trimmer. if you are really attached to it, in addition to what swim said, you might want to check the fuel filter and the electrical system. or you might want to take it to a small engine shop if you can't do it yourself. they can fix it. but rather than throwing money at it, i would rather get a better trimmer.


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You are going to have continual problems with the homeowner type trimmers. A couple of the equipment names already mentioned produce homeowner equipment. For instance, HD carries Echo equipment. Dont be fooled that just because it says Echo that it will automatically suit your needs. The Echo stuff at HD is mostly their smaller cc line of equipment. Not heavy duty enough for commercial lawn work. I personally prefer Redmax.


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indeed, upon re-reading, i see that it is possible to misconstrue what i said. i meant commercial grade echo, redmax, stihl, shin. as i have said before, home depot sells nice shovel, rakes, gloves, sometimes air filters and fuel filters. but i wouldn't get any mowers or trimmers from there.

...unless they started to sell commercial grade equipment there, which they don't on my part of the lawn, although it would be nice if they did. i would love it if they sold commercial parts and equipment. two local places i get parts and equipment from are totally incompetent. a third is competent, but real @$$es. of course i deal with the 3rd as much as possible.


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I dont own a 4 cycle trimmer but i have been told you have to adjust the valves at times on the 4cyle stuff maybe that could be it.


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Four cycle ; fuel, ignition or compression, could be a zillion things or a combination of many. Eliminate the simple and inexspensive ones first. Does it light off when you pour a little gas down the carb?


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your on/off switch is bad. Seen this lots of times. If you still have your owners manual it may have the parts breakdown with a part number, call your dealer and replace the switch. Let me know how it turns out. I've even seen this in new trimmers.


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If you have spark then I would check compression.....Should be over 100 PSI. If lower then I would check valve lash as they may be too tight and the valves are not closing all of the way. For the engine to fire even with fuel you need aproxx 100 PSI compression. Let us know.
Pete D.

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