Ryobi commercial trimmer

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    have you guy seen this new trimmer ryobi has. the owner at my local mower shop said he order a couple but only one can in he put it on display within a hour a lco bought it and i never even got to see it. he said that redmax had something to do with ryobis new trimmer like building the motor and the design. will check it out w he gets more of them in. it sounds like a good deal

    View Details Title Ryobi Commercial Stright Shaft Gas String Trimmer # zr51932
    Description Ryobi commercial Stright Shaft Trimmer with split boom feature for attachments

    Features & Specifications

    1.2. HP
    Commercial Grade Engine
    Straight shaft allows trimming in hard to reach areas
    18"cutting with .095 dual line
    Ergonomic handle
    Attachment capable
    1 year warranty Full Replacement Warranty
    Unit is Factory Recondition - All units are tested by factory for 100% quility assurance. Factory recindition units may have scartchs but work like a new unit.

    SKU zr51932
    Mowtownusa Price $99.99

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    It is the same thing as the Redmax homeowner line. How can it be commercial for Ryobi and residential for Redmax? You can not get a commercial grade trimmer for $99. If it sounds too good to be true...
  3. Jaysondavislawnservice

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    i'm just saying thats what the owner of the mower shop told me. the lco that bought it said he will give him feed back on how well it proforms for him.

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