Ryobi RY08570 Backpack Blower


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Shirley, NY
Has anyone used one of these?

I've been comparing this 25.4 cc blower with a 25.4 cc blower from Echo.

The Ryobi is lighter. 11.75 pounds vs 14.5 pounds.

Several other advantages. Better air-cooling of your back. Cheaper cost. The disadvantage I've seen so far is that Echo offers a complete parts list on their web site, Ryobi does not. The parts list shows the backpack parts, but not the engine parts!! Also, should I need to buy parts for the Ryobi, I know I will be able to get them for Echo, from merchants selling on the internet; for Ryobi, I'm not so sure. Has anyone had any experience with the Ryobi, or getting parts for it? I much prefer to order over the net, rather than take the bus to my local dealer.

Their parts manual, tho it was on their web site, was hard to find. You were forced to try and figure out which item was the parts manual, from abbreviated filenames, in a simple directory listing of filenames. That's the best they could do for a listing of avaible owners manuals and parts lists. What a bonehead way to list things on a web page!

But the thing is lighter, and cheaper, yet has the same cc's.


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Shirley, NY
Thanks for the opinion Lawn Masters.

I did finally find a complete parts list on ryobi's web site. They called it a repair document or something but it was just a diagram and list.

I phoned in to ryobi's recommended source of parts, ordertree.com I think the name was; ordertree doesn't offer ryobi parts on-line; tho I was easily able to get Poulan Weedeater parts from ordertree, on-line. I asked ordertree for a piston ring fir the ryobi -- they told me they'd have to backorder it -- at least 2 to 2.5 weeks. Plus no-one else but ordertree seems to have ryobi outdoor equipment parts at all. For the Echo, there are multiple companies selling parts. So yes, I'm wary of getting the ryobi, even tho the design looks very nice. I'm not sure what kind of reputation for quality control the factory in China, that makes it, has. I'm not sure how the fact that it is made in china, affects parts availability. But I know the Echo has an excellent reputation for uniform good quality.

Indeed, all these things point to what you said, Lawn Masters: the Echo is pro grade and the Ryobi is not. Further, the Echo has 2 piston rings; the Ryobi, one. Support in the area of parts and service, for the Echo, is a known quantity; for the Ryobi, it is a question mark.

Oh, I forgot -- Ryobi's web pages made no mention of sound level and provided no decibel specs in their product description. Leads me to suspect we have a really really loud blower then. Not that the Echo is so much quieter that I could dispense with hearing protectors.

I'm just really don't like to carry around heavy things. The light weight of the Ryobi is a very persuasive positve, to me, but I guess there are just too many negatives, or unknowns.

Seems a shame, because the lightweight and airy design, air circulation on yoru back, looks very appealing to me. The actual quality is probably very good. It may not be engineered to last as long; but it is probably going to function very nicely, for as long as it is desgined to. However in the unlikely event that I need a new part, I worry about having to wait 3 or 4 weeks, instead of 3 or 4 days.

The cost is not as much less as you might expect tho. Echo 260L, $260; Ryobi RY08570, $200. Man, I like how light it is, and how much air circulation there is on your back.


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soilman said:
Man, I like how light it is, and how much air circulation there is on your back.
You would probably end up buying 2 of them Ryobi's to 1 Echo, So if you like it so well go ahead and buy the second one now and put it up on the shelf for parts.

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I'd go with the echo, parts support is VERY existant, and you dont have to wait a month for parts to get to you. that alone, is a MASSIVE plus to me.