Ryobi ss30 String Trimmer

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by mndbldrs, May 5, 2011.

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    I have a 4 or 5 yr old Ryobi SS30 string trimmer. The pull cord broke on it and have replaced it. Now, putting it back together, I have a problem! On the throttle cable, there is an "L" shaped bracket that I have not been able to attach to the engine, at least in the correct place. What I need, is a closeup picture of your Ryobi to show me where the throttle cable bracket attaches to the cowl/engine. All of the parts diagrams, show the bracket on the throttle cable, but fail to show where or what it attaches to. In advance, I thank you.
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  3. mndbldrs

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    I need a closeup of the carb/airfilter side - thxs for the video link, it however was not as close of a shot/video to see where the bracket and throttle cablemount.

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