RZT 50 Hydro Problem, Pulling to the Left...

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DaveThePicklePuffer, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Ok, first off, I am not dave the pickle puffer:nono: , But I did make this name for him :) he is sitting right next to me and he owns the RZT... I am a mechanic giving him a hand with the mower, with that out of the way here is the problem:

    The machine is completly fine when you first start it up. It runs straight and doesnt pull at all.

    After 10 - 20 minutes the left drive starts slowing up and it no longer runs straight.

    What I am looking for is the common problems with the Hydrostatic units on these mowers. I have the case split right now and nothing looks bad on the gears and splines.

    The Oil that came out of it had a grey or greenish color to it almost like it might have gotten some water into the system.

    I was thinking of the following:
    1. Flush the system and refill with oil (how much should this unit take?, dave the pickle puffer put more oil in it and im not sure how much should go back in it, he says it got better after he added oil)

    2. Replace the pump block unit (#4)

    3. Replace the motor block unit (#6)

    4. Replace the Center section filter assy (#50)

    Also the release in Hydro Release in this unit goes into the filter assy so I was thinking there could be a problem with that possibly.

    you can see the parts break down here to see what im talking about with the numbers :

    Any help or insite into the common problems with these units would be greatly appreciated.
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    First, Welcome to LawnSite Josh, And your pickle buddy Dave !

    I think you put the cart in front of the horse on this one, One is supposed to ask questions about simple things before ripping.

    If your going to replace anything make it the filter #50 and thrust bearings #30 as long as the pins in the pumps move freely without any binding.

    Then flush both as you mentioned. Remove the vent hose and fitting then re-fill to about 1/2" from the inside BOTTOM of the vent tube fitting hole. Most Hydro-Gear units use 20W40/20W50 engine oil.

    Make sure the belt is in good condition and not glazed over and the spring loaded idler arm is moving freely and putting plenty of tension on the belt as well as the bearings in the idler pulley.

    Good Luck
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    Also make sure the rotating group and pump plate is not scored.....no grooves worn into the surfaces.

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