S-10 4 Cylinder (2.2) Vortec

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GrassInPA, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. GrassInPA

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    Alright guys,

    I figured I'd ask something to take away the winter boredom :) . Anyways, since my 88 Dodge died, I decided to buy a 2000 S-10 with the 2.2 L 4 Cyl Vortec in it. It's also a 2WD. I know it wasn't the best move for landscaping and grass cutting, but it was about the best deal I could get on a truck.

    Let's just say that going from an 8 foot bed to the 6 foot bed is a real pain and I think it's going to be hard on the couple of yards that I bag or when I get a 32" walkbehind (hopefully). Here's the main question:

    Can I possibly use a small trailer with this truck? I'm thinking something no more than 4 feet wide and no more than 8 feet long. I'm also assuming I'd have to add brakes to the trailer also. Any help on this would greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any more info.

  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I dont think you will need brakes on a 4x8, and to pull a 32 inch walk behind i think you are ok, or are you planning on loading the trailer with grass clippings?? or just having the mower on the trailer
  3. swim

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    Last year when the trans went out on my Ford F350 , I used my 1995 S-10 2.2 extra cab to pull a 5 by 8 trailer with my Scag 52in 20hp walkbehind. I drove about 75 miles a day 5 or 6 days a week. It did a fine job while the big truck was out of commission. It helped alot that it was a manual trans and I could not use the A/C because it was to much for the 2.2. The extra load on the engine made it run hot. What ever it takes to stay on schedule and keep the customers happy.:D
  4. BrianK10

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    You should be fine. 4x8 with a 32 shouldn't give you any problems.
  5. jajwrigh

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    I use that setup and pull my 5' x 10' with 36" no problems. It is a 5 spd too and it does pretty good for an engine that small.
  6. CNE

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    I am a technician at a Chevy dealer full time and LCO part time. The 2.2 is a slug and will not hold up under repeated stress. You won't need trailer brakes to stop it though. The stock brakes should do OK. Those engines are bad for the timing chain tensioner braking and if you are at highway speed, it will bend the valves most of the time. Headgaskets also leaked at the driver's rear corner. If it is an Extreme model or has the lowered suspension, you shouldn't be towing with it anyway. If it has over 60,000 miles on it, have the timing chain, gears, and tensioner replaced. Do yourself a favor, buy a truck that will do what you need. The V6 4.3 is a much better engine and has a lot more power.
  7. z_clark

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    I think you would be fine short term. I pull a 6X12 w/ my Nissan 4 cy regularly and no problems yet. I do have trailer brakes. I am planing on getting a full size this year, because the 4 cy is not a long term answer. Let us know what you decide and how it works for you.
  8. jajwrigh

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    I am actually going to go buy a new Ford F-150 4.6l v8 tommorrow!! No more S-10 for me!
  9. lawncare3

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    I use to have a 89' mazda b-2600i it had a 5 sp manual tranny and a 2.1l 4 banger in it. It had a LOT of miles on it so it wasn't very strong, but I use my neighbors 92' mazda b-2600i with a 5 speed and it pulls my trailer kore then great.

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