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  1. S-205

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    I wanted to create a new thread for my work and equipment, I didn't want my companies online presence to be related to my threads on Lawnsite. I am in the process of making a website. So, I had the Lawnsite threads removed, and name changed and now I will begin posting pictures on here for those who followed my company before, and for new ones.

    I am optimistic about the future of the company, and I really appreciate all the advice I have gotten from members on here, and from everyones informative posts.

    I have been giving my new 7.3 a workout, pulling out and testing all the lights on the trailers. This year I've started doing debris removal as well for my clients. Our city is good about junk pick up but often there is couches, and other junk around our properties that clients pay to remove. So this is a load of flooring for a customer.

    Got a new 12k Draw Tite hitch for the enclosed too and reorganized my tool box.








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  2. S-205

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    We are planning a few purchases for this year, we will see what pans out and what doesn't. I've been doing some shopping for a compact tractor for doing sidewalks at a shopping center with multiple buildings. So a tractor, blower, loader, PTO wood chipper, and salter. Nothing has happened quite yet and its still an idea I checked out a few Kioti's and a PT30 for fun. Tractor will likely be a Kubota though.

    My friend bought a 7.3 too so we were doing a little work to it, messing with fuses, took out the rear lift block, etc.

    In the next few weeks, we will be selling our 6x12 single axle and picking up a heavier duty tandem (5200 lb axles, split ramp, 2k jack etc) for a backup mowing trailer, and to move the skid steer every now and again.




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    loaders are awesome, if you can swing it, get the terex! i bought a jd 3320 (bit bigger than that kubota in the pic) and would love to have the tracks of that track loader. Sure you dont have a 3 pt in the back, but you can stay warmer in the winter.

    Front facing snow blowers and compact tractors are great though
  4. S-205

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    Its just what will be best all around, we had a mini skid, but the cab is nice for winter. And we have a Bobcat for real the work. I wanted a little PTO chipper because we have had alot of storm damage.

    I think a compact tractor would cost less money over the course of its life than a PT30. If I got another mini or a trackloader it would probably be an S70. Not a fan of tracks in the snow.
  5. Armsden&Son

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    Love the pics...

    Can I ask how you went about having your Lawnsite threads removed?
  6. JDGlandscape

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    You need to have very good reason to and message the mods. But try not to unless you really have to
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    Yeah I messaged Michael Donovan and he was very good about my requests. They're busy people though its true. We have some of the best mods on Lawnsite and they do alot to keep the forum clean and tailor to your requests.
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    Real nice truck!
  9. S-205

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    Thanks alot, I love it so far, have a few plans for it in the next little while. I hvae new sway bar bushings to put in first, then levelling kit and tires, maybe air bags for rear, possibly an aluminum flatbed. Heres our other rig:

    Cummins and Enclosed.JPG
  10. Armsden&Son

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    Awesome, thanks for the info... As it stands, my screen name here is different than my company name but I have mentioned my company name in a couple threads.

    I 100% completely agree that the mods here are second to none... They are super fair, super on top of things, and also available for comments and questions always....

    Back to your thread.... I love the Ford!!!!! I am obsessed with that shade of red... Also what year is it and what type of rims?


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