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    I talked to a crew who had a new Super with a 60 37 HP and they did not like it, I was wondering if it was because they did not have it set up right?

    It was so disliked they left it at the shop. They said it would not knock bahai down at speed as well as the old XR7 they had and it road like a tank and chattered badly at speed.

    They loved the power but did not like the ride or cut on bahai.

    Can one of these new Supers pull 12 to 14 hundred pounds of self powered cutters behind them that are on good wheels with out a problem?

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    We sell large volumes of Super Z's in the state of Florida, I am pretty sure more than anywhere else.
    I manage the Southeast for Hustler, I don't hear this from my dealers or distributor.
    With the rain we are getting right now in FL these machines are running full stick to stay caught up with the growth.
    We do not recommend any towing over 500 pounds and 50 pounds of tongue weight.

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    Hey Pj, this is yardman1 "kevin".. Hope you are doing good..

    To help with the question, I got a new super 37/60 about 1.5 months ago, the first few days, I did not like the cut, until I got it set up right..Now, it is the baddest cutting thing I have ever owned or used..Come to find out, engine was not turning enough rpms, got that taken care of and got the baffles tuned the way I want them and this mower is a best, very very well designed. I still have my old super z 28efi, that gets used once a week now just to cut my yard..And for those guys to say it is rough riding, they must be hung over all the time or something, this thing is smooth..
  4. mowerconsultant

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    Great to hear from you Kevin!
    Glad your liking the new Super Z.


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