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    Same question posted earlier / different wrapper.

    We maintain Model & Spec Homes year round. I am going to get out of the Residential Building market and move into residential/commercial. What I am trying to figure out is how many months I need to set the billing cycle on.
    If the growing/mowing season is from March to November do I figure a 40 week long season and bill out 9 months or do I figure the total cost and bill it in 12 payments? (I know that some yards depending on the type of lawn will have shorter seasons.)
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    Commercial accounts need to be figured on a 52 week season with a 12 month billing cycle. Amount of visits depends on the customers needs and I always offer options.
    (26 visits per year)-3 times a month April thru Sept.; 2 times a month October and March; 1 time a month November thru February.
    (32 visits per year)-4 times a month April thru Sept.; (weekly vistis during growing season vs. every 10 days.) Other months same as above.
    36 visits per year)-4 times a month April thru Sept.; Bi-weekly the remainder of the year.

    This offers a total landcare plan for your account. Mowing, weed-eating, clean-up, leaf removal, (36 visits a year is the best option with properties that have large amounts of trees) mulching (annual or bi-annual), hedge trimming, etc.

    Pricing depends on the options they choose.

    I also provide the pre-merge, post-merge, and fertilization on my commercial properties. If your not licensed to spray the best option is to find a good company and sub out all of the weed applications.

    Commercial accounts generally want a hands free approach and if your company can handle all facets of their landcare needs you'll have a better chance of landing the business.

    Hope this helps.

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