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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BigLag, Jul 6, 2008.

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    i've never actually used one so i have a couple of questions. i've always push mowed my back yards, but now thinking of getting a used 36" wb so won't be able to demo one and it's probably going to be a gear driven. how do you change the speed on them, how to turn, and if you let go of the controls does it kill like push mowers? and also, i saw a nice used gravely, the controls on that looked like the controls on a ztr...is it?
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    Why won't you be able to demo one? I know that it is hard to find a 36" demo but 48" and 52" are there for demos. In order to find the one that best fits you, you should demo. Use the mower on the front yards to see if you like them. Try to demo brands that you would like to buy, the more the better. Even though you may not be able to do the backyards you will be able to get a feel for what a mower will be like.
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    the gear drives have a shifter that i use my knee to shift. the most common is a pistol grip control. w/ this if you want to turn left you squeeze the left handle, to turn right squeeze the right handle, to stop squeeze both simultaneously. the gravely you mentioned is a prosteer, i love the controls but the one i demoed didnt cut too well. toro has the t-bar controls that i personally love, you push the bar forward to drive it, and steer it just like a car to turn. exmark has the ecs steering which is basically an adaption of the pistol grips, but its easier on the wrists.

    i personally have had toro, exmark, scag, and jd and have gotten my $$$ worth out of all of them. imo i would shy away from the pistol grips especially if it is going to be used a lot. i have the ECS on my exmark, and i had t-bar on the toro and love them both. see previous statement on the gravely...i love w/b and have had 7and they are great mowers. just stay away from pistol grips!!!
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    thanks for the info dura...mower brad...i am looking at buying a used one and the few that are available used in this area it would be hard to find a demo for it...plus i dont want to bother the dealer if i am not planning on buying new. and the wb would be for my backyard to replace my 21" wb.

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