We have a base trailer package that can be sold with a machine. However there many individuals who want more attachments than the base package (trencher, bucket, auger, pallet forks, leveler) Some want a tiller or other attachment which then requires something other than a base single axle trailer.


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I'm curious to hear what everyone likes about their mini skid steers - and what made them buy the model they have. So if you have a Ditch Witch, a Dingo, Vermeer, or Boxer, let me know:

1) What make and model you have?
2) What factors caused you to purchase the machine you have?
3) What didn't you like about competitve models?
4) What thing would you change about your current machine?



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curt, please spend a day reading over the "revisit mini-skid" thread under the tractor heading. Vermeer makes one of my favorite but this huge thread has answered all your questions.


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before i bought my two dw sk650s i demoed the vermeer I abosultly love the controls, it's fun to drive and you feel very safe on the unit. The only reasons I didn't buy these we 1. my dealer's inability to get a diesel unit to demo 2. my dealers lack of ability to service the unit (it would have to go to charlotte instead of greensboro 3. you can't drive it without standing on it, on some steep grades I just don't want to be on the back (or can't hold on) and lastly 4. the ditch witch picked up more #s

But let me reiterate I abosulty love the vermeer, the controls are the best on the market and if you don't need the extra weight cap I'd highly reccomend it to anyone

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