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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by sancho_man_orlando, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. sancho_man_orlando

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    I have a dump trailer that I have let other LCO's use for their sod removal projects however, I can't remember how much I was able to fit. I know it makes a big difference if they are killing and raking or using a sod cutter and pulling lots of dirt with it.

    Anybody with experience have a guestimator or an idea with regards to a 12 cubic yard dump trailer?
  2. MDLawn

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    I had a 6x10 with about 3.5' sides so that is roughly 7 cubic yards...i think. I sod cut about 1100 sqft of sod and the trailer was maybe a little over 3/4 full from what I remember. Another job was roughly 700sqft and it was about half full. This is only by memory though....and we know how that gets as we age! :dizzy:
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    I used my 5x14 open trailer with 3 ft sides pretty full I was able to have about 5 400 square ft pallets removed in it.
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    I read this and didn't feel I could give a good answer. But a big consideration is how thick the sod being removed is and how thick the sod cutter is set. Take a Bermuda grass tear out, you had better cut deep if you are replacing St A and don't want Bermuda back. Of course killing it first, helps.
  5. sancho_man_orlando

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    Thanks for all of the replies.

    Last year I had a gentleman that used my dump trailer rental service at least 5 times that I can recall.

    He was handling some decent size jobs of 20 - 30 pallets that he would fill my trailer with the raked out grass that was almost completely eaten by chinch. It was always filled with grass and little dirt and always was enough room for him.

    Then I had another guy with a freakin bobcat and bucket that only did 5 or 6 pallets but had my trailer filled with dirt so heavy that it blew 2 tires on the way to my dump site.

    I guess it really depends on how thick or how much dirt is being lifted.
  6. MDLawn

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    Gotta love how people care for others stuff.
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