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    I went out to one of our properties in Raleigh today road thru and noticed that 4 buildings were starting to look a little dry. In the past we have had lots of problems with people turning off backflows. We had to remove all the handles and just keep them in the truck. So I open the controller and it is turned to the OFF position. WHAT!! So I check all the controllers in the center. I found 2 RB, 1 Hunter and a TUCOR controller turned to the off position. All were functioning last week when I was there. I know everyone has a 751 key but I would say that 80% of irritation workers here have never heard of TUCOR much less have a key. Also one of the controllers is behind a dumpster enclosure.
    Last year at some of our other systems we have had 4 or 5 backflows cut off. What kind of person just rides around cutting people's systems off. Do you not have enough work to keep you busy this time of year? What do you get out of doing this? Are you hoping to sweep in and call the property manager when stuff starts browning up after a week?
    This pisses me off. Have any of you had this problem?
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    Yes, lots. The HOA types or the Mall types think about bottom line only, so they become "experts". They are a pain, and I dropped many of them because of the constant returns to the complaints of dryness, only to find the clock had been turned off, or the BF had been dogged-down. :hammerhead:
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    We have had this problem in the past too. We ended up buying a couple dozen locks that were the same as the OEM locks on the controllers and swapping them out. We ordered them all keyed the same so we had our own company lock that we could install in the controller doors and nobody else could get in. Solved the problem and it was a quick and inexpensive fix.
  4. NC_Irrigator

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    is there another company that cuts the grass out there? it could be them..
    you talked to the site manager?
  5. avernon0112

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    No, we do all the grounds maintenance on these sites and have had them for 4 years. So it isn't like someone just lost a lot of work and are pissed off at us. My Forman always checks these things every week to catch them before things brown out but he is on vacation this week. I just don't understand who would do this. What is their benefit?
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    Like Mike said, some times it is the manager trying to save money. Some times it is a competitor. I suppose it could be a disgruntled employee.

    I had someone load up my flower beds with winter rye on a new account. I suspect the past vendor.
  7. jvanvliet

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    We've had redidents turn of the irrigation because they wanted to take their dog out, we had one guy turn off all the irrigation to a 32 building condo complex to "save money" because he didn't like his assesment going up, he also turned off the complex lights; have had LCO's turn them off... not to mention the "irrigation expert" that just moved in.
  8. jvanvliet

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    Just happened last Friday:

    Peeled back the lid on the enclosure and...




  9. Duekster

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    I would suspect kids and vandalism in that case.
  10. agrostis

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    I have so many vandalism story's. People will do just about anything, i am not surprised at the stupid thing's i have seen. The best irrigation vandalism story is the 8" 90* PVC intake elbow that was shot. This elbow was right next to a pumphouse. The pipe coming out of it went down into the ground about 3'. It was in the middle of summer. This pumphouse took care of 100 acre's, it was a real pain.

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