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    Best piece of Sabotage I've ever seen.
    RIP Adam
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    I wonder how long it took him to find the wire broken under the insulation.

    Construction jobs are a pain sometimes.

    I was setting a new pad for an Irrigation controller. I guess they had buried the SS Stand when they build the retaining wall for the adjacent property. The controller was only about 8" above grade.

    We cleared out the area, set some conduit, pulled the wire, poured the pad.
    Over night someone took the common and shoved it and only in all the way down in the wet concrete I pulled a new common but it was clear someone with some knowledge was messing with me on that job.

    A few weeks later I was fired off the job. The manager was mad as a hornet, all he would say is I lied to him about something. He would not say what so I have no idea what he was told. Only had that account for a few months ( landscape) and never did get a chance to fully upgrade the system to a Maxicom and trouble shoot all the problems it had developed over the years prior.

    The orginal contractor got it back. :dizzy:
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    I have never understood that! The contractor before screws stuff up and then they hire them to fix their own screw ups. The city paid to have bio retention beds installed in a shopping center we maintain. The guys knew what they were doing to a point but when it all is not done right then there is failure. The city hired them to replace plants, regrade some of the beds and fix ther things that should have been done the first time. If they didn't fix it the first time what makes people believe it will be right the second time?
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    I just checked my old key chain: CH751, HL238, and, the most common, BT01.
    Those three opened every clock I ever serviced.
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    nah..... you don't use water ballons. you freeze the round up on small disposable plastic plates and make really thin frozen discs. You throw them out in the middle of the night and when they melt the turf ends up with a bunch of perfectly round dead spots. You just have to make sure that you mix the roundup at about 4 oz per gallon of water so that it will freeze. Straight round up will not freeze easily. It works awesome.... um... from what I'm told. :)
  6. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    ... a fist full of bermuda grass seed in an annual color bed would work wonders as well. The seeds are so tiny and dark colored that nobody would ever see them. Ryegrass seed would be to obvious!
  7. jvanvliet

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    Couple of handfulls of rock salt will have them wondering
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    Previous employee?
  9. Duekster

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    I have wanted to throw some previous employees in the rose bed. :laugh:

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