sacg52 went on fire

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by delboy12345, May 28, 2007.

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    hiya looking for some advice of anyone who can help me i use a scag52 walkbehind at my job everyday a few weeks ago my 52 scag went on fire and its a written off to expensive to fix i was wondering if any could tell me how many hours a day should a scag be used for and how often should a scag be cleaned out at the belts and pulleys dont know how often it should be done beacause the firm i work for is trying to sack me for my scag going on fire its over 4 years old at the temp the day in scotland glasgow uk was warm around about 24c any one who can help me would be very helpful thanks i have tried the website thanks ,how much do they cost there are trying to say £4.500 english pounds.the final outcome was that the metall pulleys stared the fire beacause the metal case that covers the belts had been bent ant stood on that there was a large amount of dry grass in the area of the belts that fulled the fire could that be correct
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    sounds logical to me. The temp was not that warm (75*F). Dry grass and friction from a bent cover on a pulley could start a blaze allright. Just the grass alone IMO wouldn't have started fire...add the bent cover rubbing on the pulley, Yes I can see it happening. The bent cover got you there.
    The thing that would bother me is, are they trying to get you for the price of a new unit? 4.500 pounds = $8,928 A little hefty if you ask me. A used unit might be worth maybe 1,300 pounds/$2500 depending on hours used.
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    Who does the maintenace on your mowers? Who ever does this should have been cleaning out under the cover and would have noticed the pulley as well.

  4. delboy12345

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    jeppster thanks for youre advice my work are going to sack me tomoz the machine was over 3/4 years old used every day in the summer there trying to sack me for the bulid up of grass beacause i never cleaned it out for 2 days there was a very large bulid of grass i have been saying it didnt matter how much grass was there if the fire was going to start beacsue of the pulley it was going to go anway do u think thats right plz reply asap thanks there saying that the cost was 4/500 pounds there insurace doesnt cover it i dont belive them
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    You could have a ton on grass in happens. That in itself would not cause a fire. Hell, I mow for a school district and very seldom clean out the pulleys, only because of lack of time and work load, (exmark mower/no grease fitting on the spindles).

    The grass didnt start the fire, but IMO there would not have been a fire with out the grass.

    Think about this.....cover is bent,rubs on the pulley,friction heats it up and causes sparks,with no grass there is nothing to burn. It just heats the pulley and wears it down till its broken.

    Ok lets try it again.....cover is bent,rubs on the pulley,friction heats it up and causes sparks igniting grass and grass starts to burn, FIRE!

    Was the fire because of the grass? No! The fire started because of the bent cover. Would there been a fire had there been no grass? I doubt it.

    Catch 22 my friend. Botton line is no grass= nothing to burn.

    So the next guestion it reasonable to have grass in the pulleys? well it is a lawnmower right? so no matter what you do there is always gonna be some grass in there. You could have cleaned it out in the morning but as the day wears on the grass is gonna come back. You cant stop that. So the next guestion is would there been a small fire or a big fire. I would think it would be unreasonable to expect clean pulleys with no grass. If the pulleys were clean that would tell me you were not mowing and doing your job. I would not fire you because of the grass build-up, I would fire you because of stepping on the cover and bending it.:waving:

    Good luck man
  6. delboy12345

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    hey thanks for the advice ill need to hope and pray tomoz to see what happens thats what ill be saying to them in the office as well
    i work for a local council in glasgow were the same no time to stop and clean machines out .
  7. MOturkey

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    I think most on here will agree with me that in this country, the general policy would be that you would not be asked to pay for the equipment. One might be fired if they were truly negligent, or purposely damaged equipment, but be expected to pay for it? Not as a general rule. Good luck.
  8. delboy12345

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    hey guys am still there working with them just by the skin of my teeth

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