sacrifices going into business at an early age

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Guzzo856, Feb 19, 2011.

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    im 18 and in the Landscaping/snow removal business. Everyone in my family is in there own business. My dad is a developer, my uncle is in masonry, other is in constructions, and one in landscaping. They are all very succesfull and got started at my age. my friends work in th summer but have jobs like scooping icecream, daycamps and such. I set aside alot of mental time thinking about how to make more money" like my Family". Right now i am busy after school getting out all of my commercial bids and asking around to see who is taking bids. My freinds lately have become kind of distant not asking me to do things. They see my receipts on a few of my mowers and my equipment. I reciently bought a few edgers and trimmers and a new stander and they say your putting to much into it, your not gonna make any money. But i dont tell them the kind of money i make in snow removal:laugh: Because i do pretty well. They also say how i shouldnt put a plow on my new truck cause it will beat it up and i tell them to be in this business i gotta do it... When i ask what they are doin the say getting my crew together, or plowin snow, or cutting grass, i just laugh but i hope this sacrafice pays off in the long run, because i love doing it and i want to give it all i got to be succesfull.
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    i just turned 25 so i'm not too far ahead of you but one thing i will say is at your age, even mine, if you are sure this is what you want to do then put as much money back into the business as you can...all the money that i have made so far has pretty much gone back into my business, and obvioulsy living expenses but like i said, at a young age aren't much...i hear you on the truck, i just bought a $35,000 truck, pretty much my dream truck, and have debated on putting a plow on it because yes it is some heavy wear on it for snow removal but at the same time we have 2 work trucks that take most of the grunt and i did buy my truck, a super duty, for work, not only as a daily driver...and if you are doing it right you will make enough plowing to justify plowing with are right though, there are a lot of up front costs, but after you have your equipment paid off it is all straight profit, or you can put more money back into the business and keep growing
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    been there done that and agree with jbell, what us up by the way, we never end up on the same threads very often.
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    ha, i know, but that's because i try not to post as much as i used to...although there is a lot of knowledge and helpful information on this site, there are also a lot of amateurs and a lot of bickering it seems like...i will say it's still very addicting, especially on nights that i don't go out like tonight, last night was kinda rough...
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    Starting young has its drawbacks that is for sure. I can relate to either being to busy to go and socialize or not being asked in the first place.

    I to have been told that im stupid for dumping all my money into a business like this but as you said its what we enjoy doing so why not make the most of it. Its better than working on someone else's terms.

    I to started at 18 the day I left school I registered my business and have not looked back. Im now 21 and making some pretty decent money with an expanding business. My friends that said I was crazy are either unemployed students or working part time jobs that they dont want to be in.

    The sacrifice is worth it. It just takes time for the benefits to be seen properly.
    Good luck to you all though hopefully business will treat you well this year.
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    I wish I was able to go away to school with my friends. Now Im 23 and the only one with a house, my friends have huge school loans and still live at home.

    They always tell me to buy toys(quads sleds ect) I just point to the skid and mini and say there they are. lol

    I did miss out on a lot of "fun" Now as we are getting older, I will never be able to do any of that "fun" stuff.
  7. AEL

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    A lot of these people who don't agree with you, are just jealous. I lost a lot of friends for being 19 and owning 2 trucks, skidsteers, mini ex, mowers etc

    Now that I'm 24 I have realized who my true friends are and my biz is ever expanding
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    i have the same problem and i am 23. I get criticized daily from my "friends" about what I do. One of them whom is on my payroll for plowing and I compensate more then any run of the mill sub should ever be paid.... I dont let it effect me that much because they are in student loans up to their eyeballs working at resturants and supermarkets. I think I make more in a 24 snow storm then they make a year... As far as the social end, I dont get called to hang out anymore because I got labeled as the tight ass for not drinking. I do drink on occasion, just not every night like they do so apparently that justifies them not calling me to hang out. Shows you how much the friendship is actually worth to them. Lucky for me I have a girlfriend who is the most supportive person in the world, my best friend and it doesnt hurt that shes sexy as hell :)
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    I have been doing this since i was 20. I to have had 'friends' that would say you work too much just take the day off and come out with us blahblah. This would always pissed me off because these guys were the ones that mommy and daddy bought their brand new bmws and pay their insurance etc. You do find out who your true friends are in time. About putting back into the business I have always paid cash for my equipment (used big equip., new handheld, blowers etc.) I am only servicing 35 properties because I am in college full time as well so I dont have much room at this time to be any bigger. GUZZO you are on the right path and I urge you to continue if this is what you want to do and i am very impressed with your equipment and trucks. You must also make time for yourself once in a while... Work and Play go hand-in-hand!
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    I saw a Lco in Panama City Beach last week wth the name Skinny Vinny, it does stick out.

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