sacrifices going into business at an early age

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Guzzo856, Feb 19, 2011.

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    post as much as you used to, with only 400 some odd posts, that is :laugh:

    i agree with what you say though, but i still enjoy it immensly.

    ready to get back to work this next couple of weeks!!??

    i am, but first a vacation to florida:usflag:
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    dont say that! I am actually deep into the process of changing my name. Got the new logo being done up and all the legal stuff being done. I wont post it up here until its all mine because im sure some 13 year old lurker will scoop it up and there goes everything :rolleyes:
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    As you get older you start to realize that the most important people in your life are your customers.
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    I'm sixteen now, started out mowing lawns for neighbors and have invested tons of time learning about grasses, fertilizing, etc, along with actually doing the work. Years ago we would have fun simply playing video games or something like that, but now I moved on and decided my new occupation is far more worth it. I actually wish I had started this years ago, and as I look back now and still see my friends, same age as me, doing the same thing they were years ago. When I first told one of my friends what my plans were, he thought it was hilarious. Then he saw my business cards, account list, etc. He asked me if I needed an additional employee:laugh:.
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    Starting young is a good thing. I've been working since middle school. Nothing beats on the job training. You pick up things very quickly when you're young. Sometimes you don't know that you're learning something until months or years down the line.

    I was glad to have had so much interaction with customers at a young age. Communicating and resolving issues with customers is an art in itself. What comes naturally now is because of all those years of dealing with customers, vendors, etc.

    Like other posters have said before, you'll be glad years later when you've made a success of yourself while your friends are still figuring it out.
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    i am only 20 and the main thing im experienceing is trying to get credit. even if you have excent credit you still dont have a deep history to prove your self. an other big thing in taking away from my social life. you are only young once. friends bash on me for not going out with thim all day, drinking parting in such. and probably the most biggest thing ive experienced is getting work. i could not tell you how many times ive heard, wow i was expecting someone older. your young, you may have all the schooling and expiernce but you are still young and people dont like that.
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    For those who are 20, 18, 22, or thereabouts, and have a stable operation now, prepare NOW for your exit, or extension plans. I think most of you are doing basic things, such as grass cutting, mulching, trimming, etc. This is great -- not being critical, rather encouraging.

    But, what about ten years from now? The future based around these tasks will not be sustainable. Remember 8 of 10 businesses fail within five years. I suspect the failure rate is even higher in this industry with unskilled labor.

    When you plan an exit strategy, what will you have to bring to the marketplace, either as a self-employ or as an employee? It is easy to look to peers in college, with loans, and feel smug. What position will they be prepared for when 30-35 years old? What position will you be prepared for when you are 30-35 years old? It is clearer and clearer that the marketplace has a large demand for people in trades. This is a good thing. Not much of what LCOs are doing qualifies for entrepreneurship, rather small business owner. There is a big difference between entrepreneurship and sound business ownership.

    Many people choose to have their own business for the wrong reasons. Just be sure your reasons are sound and sustainable.

    While being a very strong supporter of young people in business, I just want to raise an alert for longer term planning. It is easy to get focused on the day-to-day, and miss career planning. I wish all you young folks well in your efforts.
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    Im 22 started when I was 14. I too make sacrifice especially in spring and fall when all my friends are going to beach on saturday im changing blades washing trucks and getting my jobs lined up for the week ahead. And for all those kids out there that get mom and dad to give them everything, there all pussys i worked for everything i have.
    Now im finishing up my schooling at cook collage to be a certified landscaper and also i all my pest and fert licenses.

    the way i look at it is yea we might have to stay in and make sacrifices more now but later when everyone else is just getting started in the working world well be well off. Hopefully with a house and a rental property.
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    I call bullshit !!! there is always going to be a demand for landscaping, Yes we all start out cutting grass mulching ect. but the money that used to be in pavers is not there anymore i dont even offer the service anymore. to make money i have to charge 30 per sq. ft to lay the pavers. and that just laying them that doesnt include the prep. the bigger companys that have 20 30 guys working for them eat up every paver and hardscape job. becasue they have huge equipment and man power they throw at it. Plus there so many people doing ponds hardscaping pavers retaining walls ect. from contractors to masons to scapers that its a joke to even have the over head from the equipment that is needed to do the job.
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    I am 20 and started doing this when I was 11. I really appreciate your comment and I do plan to continue this business on a small scale like it is right now, about 35 properties a week, just mowing,trimming,edging,mulching, and hedge trimming. Continuing this business will fit my schedule great in 2 more years when I graduate college and begin my other career as a nurse(BSN). Anyways just really wanted to say thanks for the comment and good luck to you this season and beyond!


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