sacrifices going into business at an early age

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Guzzo856, Feb 19, 2011.

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    plan our exit stratagy? you cant just start one day and make big buks, expect big commercial properties, i bet you didnt start and had it all, you had to build your business up just like we are. also at one point you didnt have all the expierence. you learned as you went along, expanded and started doing other things. there will awalys be a need for residential landscaping, snow removal.
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    I am 16 and I go through it too , but I have most my best freinds are 20 and my best freind as always been big in to the industy with a dumptruck and duallys. Ihave freinds call and ask want to go the movies , no I have to sharpen blades and change the oil or print invoices . mowing all day saturdays and after school and alot on sundays keeps me pressed for time. Like right now going everyday after school seeing about bids and they think I put too much money into and think I m, not making anything but let them think that because when i go throught the drive thru and they say how can I take your order and smile at their 89 cavalier with dents as i pull up in my cummins . Not saying that I better than them or anything . and they think Im not making any money lol !!! would change it for anything.

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