Sad but true, just had to see it to believe it

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by minix, Apr 24, 2010.

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    I was mulching McDonalds and one of them brand new hybrid cars rolls up and asks if I can stop by and give him a bid on some work so I take his info and told him I will stop by the next day, well I go and its a 9 unit condo association that was pretty new and looked very nice. We started our walk and he starts to tell me the guy they had last year used roundup to kill the weeds in there ground cover I was like "WHAT" the condos are surrounded by a small hill that had a very nice looking ground cover but every few feet there was a dead patch and this went on all arounf the units I just couldnt believe it ,I asked the guy "Well what did the other guy say" the other guy told them it would grow back in the spring. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Here is the kicker to the story they hired a new LCO and the guy looks out the window to check out how the lawn is looking and he finds it scalped and uneven so he runs out and confronts the guy only to find out it was the guy he hired the year before that is now working for his new LCO, He fired them right on the spot after the guy explained he bent a mower blad getting it off the trailor but didnt have time to fix it but his grass would grow back by next week.

    WTF kinda people are out there????????????????? Just had to share my story

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    i saw a "LCO" out the other day doing work on a lawn that he lowballed me to get walking around hitting the dandelions with round up. cant wait to see the yard this week. i had it for 3 years and it always looked great, well the womans sister had some medical issues( i did her lawn also) and the origanal customer started paying for hers and her sisters plus she had a home she was trying to sell and it was just getting to expensive for her. i was getting 120 a week for the three and this dude gets 45 a week for all three. one of them takes an hour to do by it self. i saw a sold sign in the house that she was selling on friday afternoon so hopefully between that selling and this roundup mess ill get her back.
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    I'm sorry to say it but the fact that the guy just walked up to you out of the blue
    doesn't exactly speak volumes for the customer's sense on how to do things, either.

    No offense to you but you're a total stranger, how does he know what kind of work you do?

    I'm just not sure if I should feel very sorry.
    A clueless approach could yield clueless results?

    So it looks like he's reaping what he sows, going about it the wrong way,
    then acting surprised when things don't work out the way he had intended.
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    I had 3 trucks and a loader sitting at this McDonalds 2 had full wraps and the 3rd had my logos 5 guys there with my sweatshirts on, that McDonalds is the biggest out of 9 that we do and it looks sweet. I would say he had a great out look on who I was and what kinda work we do. BTW I pick up alot of little jobs from people comming up to my workers or myself at these McDonalds.
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    wtf do people not know how to use roundup... it is a weed and GRASS killer

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