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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by summitgroundskeeping, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. summitgroundskeeping

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    I leave for Purdue University on August 12, 2002. I'm studing Landscape Horticulture and Design. In order to graduate I must complete a 6 month internship, but I cannot work for myself .:(
    I'm afraid the season of 2002, maybe my last. I'm going to have to spend all my time working at a huge LCO, earing probably $6.00 per hour working as a poor laborer (not sure though). I love working for myself, and this realization has really make me depressed.
  2. Guido

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    How much work do you have?

    Can you keep up with your accounts part time?

    Can you work the 6 months during the slow season?

    Can you hire someone responsible to take over for that six months, even if you don't make a huge profit?

    Can you sub out your work during the six months?

    And the best one of all:

    Can you work a deal with the LCO you have to work "for" to care for your customers during that six months????

    Just throwing some ideas at you. I bet you can make something work.

    Even if you have to ditch the biz for one season, don't you want to start back up the next?
  3. summitgroundskeeping

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    I do strictly residential, and the LCOs in the area that I would work for do not do res. so I'll sell them. I'm going to hire a crew for the fall of 2002 while I'm at school (head aches). I will be putting in over 40 hours a week at my internship, so I will not have time even during summer to run Summit. I'm going to school to learn, not to see how high my blood preasure can rise while I hear about what the crew to today and how much it will cost me. I'm just sad I'm not going to be working for myself after next year. I'll do the internship for the first 2 years at school, start Summit back up, know what and what not to do (experiece at another LCO does have benifits), and be better than ever. Graduate, move to either Georgia, or S.C. (baby boomers WILL flock to this location in 6 years).
  4. Wait I quote "I'm studing Landscape Horticulture and Design"

    And you say that may be your last.

    What biz are you going into then? From reading what your studying, you are trying to better your self and be more knowledgable in this field.

    So yours goes down the drian despite what you are learning.

    Dave gave some great alternatives.

    How long is your internship? You said 6 months in first post and 2 years in the second post.
  5. joshua

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    summit, i'm in the same boat as you, i have to do 2internships to get my degree for landscape horticulture. i will have to work 150hours this summer and keep a jornal what of i do at the internship. i will work at a garden center 1 day a week starting in the summer and will get the hours needed. it will be a sacrifice but it has to be done. good luck to you.
  6. awm

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    guess u guys got a few rough months. to bad u dont have a friend or reletive that can run the show until u get back.
    one of the best lcos i know is randy siggs in charlotte.
    he has the whole landscape desighn degree among others.
    this i think vastly increased his earning potential .
    especialy at corp. offices and such.he still is no better than his
    quality of work tho.
  7. Ajays

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    So what about your parents? If your parents own your business, would the school let you do an internship working for "their" business? I'd try to check out all angles.
  8. Runner

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    Bam! There's a loophole! Or, I would find someone on here (in the Landscaping forum) that is in your area. One thing is for sure, that is that if you are attending school for this, you have experience, I believe you could sell yourself for a heck of alot more than 6 bucks an hour. Shoot for a high amount, and negotiate. Good luck with it!;)
  9. crazygator

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    Why is this a sad time? When ever you move forward, it can't be sad. You will get through this and have all the school behind you, plus a degree. What a bonus! Then you will get the big bucks, either with a golf course, or working again for yourself. So don't sweat it. Get through it, learn, and be happy. Most of us never got that far in school, and wont! Good luck!
  10. What a bunch of academic moronic crap.

    Tell those folks that never have to actually serve the general public that you already own a business.

    In no way give up what you have fought to hard to earn.

    I would tell them to shove that sheepskin up their azz.

    If you are going to school to increase your knowledge as a ground maint. contractor you don't need them anymore.

    Finish your real courses and to your own thing.

    If you ever actually need the degree for a job just work for wages for the required period and get the paperwork.

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