SAE or METRIC or "X", which is it?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. fixer67

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    I am sick of this mess. I am finding more and more of this odd ball sized crap. Bolts and nuts that are not SAE or METRIC but some odd ball mess. Neither a SAE scoket or wrench or a METRIC socket or wrench will fit it right. End up rounding off the nuts and bolts more often than not. I have good wrenches and sockets so that is not the problem. I have even got out the mics and checked the wrenches and the bolt or nut in question. All that crap coming in from China is the cause of this. If they get the bolt or nut any where close it is good enough for them. Just last week end I had to get a few bolts at the hardware store. I bought 10 1/4" bolts and 10 1/4" nuts. When I get home I find out some of the nuts fit loose some fit tight and some will not even go on at all they are so tight. 6:00 on a Sunday night I was not happy at all. Is it asking too much to have nuts and bolts be the size they are meant to be?
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    I feel your pain :cry:
    I worked for a guy that sent me down to a whole sale hardware supplier where I could buy nuts and bolts by the pound :rolleyes: Now I get all my stuff from here,,,,

    They will even send a salesman out and set you up with free bins and cabinets
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  3. Restrorob

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    I own only 6 point sockets, I have 6 and 12 point wrenches. All in standard and metric, As a last resort I also have from 4" to 18" crescent wrenches and 4/6 and 8" vise grips.

    There isn't any I've ran across I couldn't loosen or tighten when the clock is running.

    One time years back I drove 24 miles round trip to the hardware store, Once back home I found some jackazz threw SAE nuts back in the USS bin. It didn't help any when I blew a cork after returning but it sure made me feel better.

    ALWAYS check hardware items before leaving the store with them.....
  4. Stillwater

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    what you might have are sizes called Machine size, more common in drill bits.
    for cnc machineing. replace them all with sae
  5. fixer67

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    I know about Machine size but what I am talking about is the bolts you find on a lawn mower like a MTD or Murray or what ever that 13MM is lose and a 1/2" is tight or you find one that a 12MM is lose and a 7/16" is tight. You end up with getting you wrench or socket stuck or rounding the bolt from the wrench or socket slipping.
    And lets not forget the busted knuckles when it does slip off.:cry:
    And replacing them is off little use a lot of times because you will have to order a replacement because of the shoulder or something a hardware store bolt will not work.
    OH, I replace a lot of them when I can but getting them out in the first place is enough to make you want to hurt someone. :gunsfirin
  6. topsites

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    I do know what you mean, but tight is right and you did try teh 11mm right? :)

    That or BIG vise grips + hammer.
  7. fixer67

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    I have done warn out the vise grips, working on the second ones now. And by the way that question about the 11MM. 11MM is smaller that a 7/16" so if a 7/16" is tight then a 11MM so is not going to fit. This whole thing makes me sick. You just have to grab both the SAE and Metric tools and HOPE one comes close enough to get the job done. But lose fitting bolts and nuts slipping in sockets and wrenches takes it toll on the tool as well as the bolt. You end up having to replace them a lot sooner than you would other wise.
    And by the socket or wrench fitting tight I mean you have to hammer it on (if it will go on at all) and that it TOO tight. I have made more than a few emails to mower manufacturers and more than once I have been told the same thing. They know about the problem and are working on it.
    You out there that have ran into this mess know what I am talking about.
  8. cantoo

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    fixer, we have the same problem here with some of the imported stuff. Awhile ago a chain of stores had to recall alot of tool sets that didn't meet specs. Screwdriver bit were just a hair too big to fit screw heads. I still have a couple of sets that I never bothered to take back. They even recalled drill sets because one bit was the wrong size. garbage.
  9. fixer67

    fixer67 LawnSite Silver Member
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    All that China crap is going to be the end of us all.
  10. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    some times whitworth [BSW] can be used ,very odd but it is still out there
    6 point sockets way better at removing difficult bolts
    Inspect your sockets ,some have 1-2mm of leading edge b4 the 6-12 point is engaged on bolt head etc . Grind socket end so the drive points come all the way to the end of the socket opening .Typically this is called for on the cheaper bolts/ special very low profile bolt heads .

    Yes the chinese have alot to awnser for in regards to quality :angry: :hammerhead: :cry:


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