Safe to spray lawn while being mowed??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bblawncare, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I know this sounds stupid, but I just thought I'd ask. And I am pretty darn certain I know the answer. I was mowing one of my customers lawn the other day and the "Scotts" truck pulls up. The tech proceeds to pull out the hose and starts heading to the back yard. I stop my mower and politely ask him what he is doing. He informs me he is spraying for weeds, but that it is ok for me to keep mowing (and I had not even mowed the back yet). Now, everything I've ever read on a label says do NOT apply when people are present and keep off till dry. I told him this and he said, "it really won't hurt you". I was not comfortable with that and finally convinced him to come back a little later in the day. Was he wrong to want to spray while I was working in the yard?
  2. olive123

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    yes...hes just trying to get done faster.
  3. RAlmaroad

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    99% H2O won't hurt, but most correct Chems have a re-entry time.
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    I'll have to assume that he did not offer you a breathing apperatus. Did you ask him for his insurance agent when ten years from now you are hacking up blood. I'll bet he was not wearing anything to breathe through either
    Have you read the label? It says you have to dispose of your clothing after use, no exposed skin, wear gloves and a mask. No entry for 48 hours.

    Lets see....UUUMMMM!! It kills weeds, I wonder what it does to your lungs

    99% contaminated water
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    I don't know about all that. Most commonly applied selective herbicides don't require a mask, or a 48 hr re-entry interval, but they do require skin protection. I would call Scotts and complain, be specific about the property, they should be able to determine who the tech was. He was just being lazy, and careless. His application likely wouldn't have been very effective anyway, as most herbicides rely on foliar coverage and absorption, and you would have cut most of the exposed leaves.
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    I looked at my labels just to confirm. I have to wear long sleeves & pants. It says nothing about a mask and throwing the clothes away. The reentry period is wait until dry. The common herbicides that are used do not cause tumors, do not harm your lungs and have been re-approved by the EPA. That being said it was stupid of him to say what he did. If it was weed control it wouldn't be very effective and if it was fertilizer the foliar feeding would be poor.
  7. Ric

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    Use your common sense man, even if the Scotts Idiot didn't use common Sense. I would have read the Scotts tech the Riot act and then called his CPO and Read him the Riot act. In Fact I did just that several years ago to TG/CL. But in the Case of TG/CL they could care less. I am sure Scotts is the same.

    The Un-Written Rule of workers common sense is first man on the Job has first rights. If I pull up on a Mowing Crew, I either move on or wait until they are done. Same way with a Mowing Crew that pulls up on a Freshly sprayed Yard. That is why the Law requires a Time and Date on the Posted sign.

    Next time that happens, Just tell the Spray Tech you will report him to the Agi Inspector and Fill out all the nesscessary paper work if he sprays on top of you.

    BTW What good is his weed control if you mow the tops off the weeds he just sprayed??? Weed Control is best applied 4 to 5 days after mowing so there is more leaf surface.
  8. lawnservice

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    now there is an uniformed, idiotic answer

    bblawncare...maybe next time, as I'm sure one of these days there will be a next time, aim your mower for his hose...that outa upset his day
    (yes, my answer...also idiotic....but I'm just joking)
  9. 44DCNF

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    Scott's techs must have to build on huge walk in closet to hold all those clothes.
  10. greencravings

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    Thanks for the morning chuckle.

    We always wait until the lawn cutter is done also, especially with liquid cause it does need to dry on the foilage then watered in to move down to the root zone.

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