Safety Eyewear for Glasses Wearers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Budget Cuts Lawn Service, Aug 7, 2014.

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    I wear Rx glasses and have had a pair of Rx sunglasses. Throughout the day I'll get a random piece of grass come up and hit my lens and stick, and sometimes hit my eye. The Rx sunglasses I used to have before some jackhole broke into my truck and stole them (among other things) were amazing. Costa Del Mar Fathom. They covered my eye completely and were a plastic lens, they were a great all around pair. I loved the blue mirror tint too, just because my head is looking at you doesn't mean my eyes are.

    But on to the point of the Rx glasses, some of my family work in a Fortune 500 company and wear glasses and they can get these little side shields that snap onto the frame of your glasses, they look goofy...but they must work.
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    Just get contacts for work. Much less hassle. My prescription has gotten weaker as I get older and I'm legal to drive with no glasses. I only wear one contact for distance vision.

    Get one pair of tinted safety rated glasses and a light tint or non tint pair for low light use.
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    Contact lenses will give you ZERO protection from flying debris!!!!!!

    Stick with perscription safety glasses (shatterproof lenses). And then also get yourself some "side shields" to slide over the ear pieces.
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    No body said contacts will give you protection....
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    YES! My point exactly!!
    Please re-read the original post directly below...

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    Ok? You have better safety glass selection with wearing contacts..
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    Messages: 1,457 had eye surgery, back in march, loss some vision in my one eye. prescription glasses have helped get me some vision back somewhat (not counting side effects) so was looking at some options and just looking at these. not sure what would wanna pay for a pair but thought the frames looked pretty good. not sure about the lens, and how they would hold up, say if a rock or something flew into them.
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    Funny you should mention this pair of glasses. This week I finally got around to looking at local glasses retailers and stumbled upon the exact same pair. The only change was that the color was black with yellow accents (but it was the exact same model number). I got pricing on the frame and clear lenses for $150 and if I want transition lenses it is $200. Also I believe that the lenses were safety approved to meet certain specifications.

    Just to let you know I tried them on in store and was very pleased by the lightness and comfort so I plan on buying a pair this week. Thanks a lot for the reply!

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