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Just wondering what kind of safety precautions do you need to take/have in order to obide by safety regulations for an enclosed lawn maintenance and landscaping trailer? Ex. fire extinguishers. I have heard of a lot of LCOs getting pulled over to be checked for safety reasons. And are orange cones an acceptable substitute for the triangles?


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MI State Police at 2003 MGIA Trade Show said they are starting to cite LCOs for not having spillproof gas cans. You can get them at
If your truck ways more than 5000lbs empty you are required to have signage stating the name of business and city where it is located. Lettering must be at least 3" high. I was told magnetic signs were ok.
Here's one of those "it depends who you ask" things. If the GVW of your truck is over 10000lbs you need a commercial drivers license. If the GVW of your trailer is over 10000lbs you need a commercial driver's license. Depending on what govt official you talk to, if the CGVW of truck and trailer is over 10000 lbs you need a commercial driver's license.
Trailers that are over 8' wide at their max width are illegal on most side streets.
One final regulation to be aware of. When you register a truck for personal use it is registered at the empty weight of the truck. When registering a truck for business use the registered weight is the weight of the truck + occupants + weight trailer + trailer contents. The Secretary of State and the weighmaster both confirmed that I could be fined if I left my brand new truck registered as it was when I got it from the dealer.

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