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Discussion in 'Tree Service Safety' started by Guest, Feb 7, 2013.

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    This is a very important subject. Thanks for bringing it back to the forefront.
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    No problem Amie. To all those how like pictures instead, here is the article with a really cool pie graph with pretty colors.

    When having your safetly meetings (daily, weekly or monthly) what are the topic? Are you covering topics that would prevent these injuries/deaths? Does everyone on the crew take the meetings seriously? Does the information sink in or in one ear out the other?

    Come on guys/gals lets talk about this. How do we reduce that 128 (only the ones TCIA investigated), because lord knows there are lots more that arent even reported?
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    I was digging around here today and found the last time someone posted something in this forum was 2009.
    While looking around trying to find a conversation starter I found this article. A short one but pretty good.

    It talks about deaths in our industry in 2012. ALL preventable in one way or another.

    What are you doing to continue to serve your clients and not become one of these statistics? What are you doing to educate your customers that many times it is not a "do it yoursef" project?

    In the last almost 15 years I have personally known 2 individuals who have passed doing this work. One a very close friend of my family, took a short cut and payed the price. The other a close friend of my old forman, pushing his limits on a very windy day.

    Do you know when to say when? When to walk away to live another day?

    Lets talk

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