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    Does anyone on here know where you can get nice/comfortable safety glasses on the internet, in bulk at a lower rate. i want to order about 20 or 30 pair so we always have some on hand all summer. what do you think about giving each worker 3 free pair all summer, and making them pay like $3 a pair after that. that way they dont give them out to their buddies or steal them.
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    try gemplers,they have good deals.
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    Ebay has a bunch of them. They also have good pricing on dust masks with the exhale valve.
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    At my F/T job we have to turn in the old ones to get new ones
    We lose them we have to replace them
    Dont know how much they are Ive never lost a pair YET
    I go thru about 1 pair/year some of the other guys 3-4/year
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    I buy several pair at a time at Walmart....."SafetyVU" Safety glasses only $4.97
    We use model SF-5567CL
    Wrap around sides that are scratch and impact resistant as well as UV protection.
    Comfortable to wear all day and a subtle mirrored tint to them.
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    These are the kind I use nowadays:


    Granted, they're not Uvex Genesis, but they're not uncomfortable.
    Probably somewhat like the Patriots, the quality is good for the price (the patriots are slightly better, but also twice as expensive).
    If you need dusk / cloudy day goggles, consider ordering a few of the grey shaded ones (vs. the mirror).

    Reputable company, nice discounts, fast shipping, helpful crew.
    Online catalog and they will likely mail you one, also.

    Btw, Orders over $300 = Free shipping (except big items like engines).
    Orders over $1000 = +10% discount.

    If you need to look at other stuff, their site nav sorta sux, here's their home page link.
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    I get mine from Gemplers too, they have pretty good volume discounts
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    Don't go too cheap. This is important stuff. I know of a multi-million dollar company that went out of business because they had too many injury claims and no insurance co. would issue them a policy at any price.
    Be sure all the glasses, ear muffs, etc. have the latest ANSI certifications. This is a CYA item if one of the guys has an eye injury and goes legal on you. Plus, it's an OSHA requirement.
    Make the guys sign a receipt for them. At the construction company where I used to work, they had a form with a list of stuff with checkboxes, and a statement like, "I have received the following safety equipment from Acme Construction...(hard hat, ear muffs, safety glasses, etc.) and I will wear them while performing duties that may result in personal injury...."
    You can also add a dollar value and a pledge to reimburse the company if the items get lost. You don't have to enforce this, but at least the guys are aware that the glasses, etc. have some value.
    I've gotten good deals and good service at

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