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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GreenAcresLC, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. GreenAcresLC

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    I've seen several threads lately about WorkTunes, but nothing about Glasses. I wear prescription glasses, and haven't been able to find a "good" pair of safety glasses that work well with them. Goggles work for a while, but fog up. Regular safety glasses won't fit good over mine. I've worked in a welding shop before, and do some carpentry stuff every once in a while, and haven't been able to find a good pair of glasses in either case. I do believe that I need some good eye protection in the biz of mowing/etc. Another option would be to wear my contacts, but I'm afraid the dust could get too bad. Any help would be nice. To be new is not to be dumb, to be new and ask NO questions would be.
  2. AI Inc

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    Harley davidson actualy makes some ok ones sold thru plumbing and electric supply houses.
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    You can get prescription safety glasses at the same place you get your regular eye glasses. I've used them for years, up until this year. I had eye surgery and no longer need glasses, so I wear regular safety glasses now.
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    I wear my contacts and use regular plastic framed fishing glasses from WallyWorld. I have not had much problem with dust and debris as I wear my sunglasses all of the time while working outside. If I do get something in my eye I wash it with water or solution if I have it.

    I get these polarized glasses from the fishing department for $9.99-$14.99 and they hold up well, when they break I get another pair...I simply wont pay more then $20 for a pair of glasses...I don't care who makes them, what kind of warranty they have or how long they last...give me a cheap pair and they last several months to a year, give me an expensive pair and I will have them broken or lost in a week.
  5. GreenAcresLC

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll try and use my contacts and see what happens. If all else fails, I can take my glasses off...I'm not totally blind, just need them for driving mostly.

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