Safety with the Meg-Mo Blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Meg-Mo, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Meg-Mo

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    The blades on most lawn mowers are held on with a 1/2" or 5/8" bolt and no place for the blade to give. That is why you get nicks like the tip of your little finger. The Meg-Mo Knives are held on with a 10mm bolt (7/16") and the knife weight is 6 oz. and can give so therefore we will only get nicks like the tip of a pen. Being free swinging, we can make the knives of better steel and rock-weld harder. This is why the Meg-Mo Blade lasts longer, which makes them less expensive than the OEM blade. Knives are all that you need to buy from then on. They are $4.95 each. The Meg-Mo Blades are centrifugally balanced so they remain balanced at all times when running.
  2. edward hedrick

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    I have your blades on my Walker GHS. I agree with you. Things I hit stay there, with OEMs would break something. Best purchase I've made for spring and fall clean ups. I would like to try them on my Scag Sthm this year.

  3. macaw

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    My wife talked me into mowing her pasture with my 52" W/B. When I hit a tree root and the mower began to shake, rattle and roll I thought I had really mucked up something. Upon inspection, the Meg-Mo blade just swung back and was wedged. No harm done. Had I been using regular stock blades I could have damaged the spindle. That is one of many times that the Meg-Mo blades have saved my mower. I use them all year long and will not use anything else.
  4. scchamblee

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    How much would it cost to put these blades on a JD 797 60" deck
  5. MikeLT1Z28

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    how do they work in grass (bermuda mostly) on a walker ghs deck, under normal condition?
  6. Meg-Mo

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    The Meg mo blades on the walker will reduce the clipping by 50 to60 %. you will find you will dot need the catcher. Leave the back open. The blades for the JD are 21" with a 29/32" center hole costing $224.85 for the set.
  7. edward hedrick

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    Mike C. I also changed the box screen to the 3/4". Seemed to have less clogs
  8. gl1200a

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    My strike was my brand new Meg-Mo's vs. a cast iron water shutoff valve in a yard of thick, deep grass. The most gawd awful noise of steel on steel and a horendous vibration. I shut it down and knew I was headed home for repairs until I looked underneath and found one of the knives had bounced back under the disk. I pried it free and noticed the smallest of knicks in the blade edge. I couldn't believe how tough those knives are.
  9. causalitist

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    wow.. i seriously never heard of these... 6oz?? wow.. how much do regular blades weigh?

    i can imagine alot less belt/clutch/spindle wear ... prolly better fuel econ too.. even a few ounces less and it would seem the engine would have a much easier time.

    where can i check these out??? is their a website?

    how much am i looking at for 3 16-1/2" blades ? .. the blade bolt is 5/8" normally.
  10. causalitist

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    i found the site.

    how much does each whole assembly weigh?

    less than a regular blade?

    when you list the sizes:

    Disc with knives and fasteners
    Less than 18" cut
    18" up to 20 7/8" cut
    21" up to 27 7/8" cut
    28" up to 32 7/8" cut
    33" and larger cut

    are those measurments the actual width of the blades?
    my question is i got 16 1/2" blades ... would i use the "less than 18" cut" ??

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