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    OK time to fire every ting up now or it all ready has happened. But take a few minutes and check up on the stuff we just take fore granted like fire extinguishers, hitch pins and couplers, trailer tires, ect. think about it a few minutes and you will come up with more things. <p>----------<br>paul<br>
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    No Kidding, we went from keeping busy, to being slammed last week. I was able to check out most of the equipment over the winter (I kept a full crew on to maintain equipment in between plowing), but we still didn't get to everything. Now I am trying to set up some sort of OSHA type education for forklift safety, chipper operation, etc. I want to have the guys familiar with the equipment and its operation as well as there own safety. I haven't had a chance yet to polish up my safety manuals, but I think we are headed towards some sort of weekly meeting for safety education and awareness.<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -

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