Sago palms dying

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by avernon0112, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Don't trim it prior to spring. You guys may still get more frost this winter. In the spring trim it and fertilize. It will be fine.
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    I don't do tropical plants, but I know people up here in OC, Maryland and Delaware wrap the branches all together with "saran wrap".

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    Just trying to cover the basics. Can't miss with the three. Looks as though it could have some root stress too.?
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  4. avernon0112

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    Thanks y'all! I will throw some fert on it in the spring time.
  5. Tri-City Outdoors

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    Not frost damage! These guy are right!

    Originally Posted by turfmd101
    NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY; magnesium, manganese & potash at proper rates will improve these deficiencies. Rates are based on trunk diameter ( rate of product is by inch of diameter). Strip old growth and if proper nutrients are applied right. The new growth should not be deficient.

    Start a proper fert. program now and it will solve it self. Cut back old growth around spring time depending on temps. It will be as good as new.

    BTW sago's are toxic. I have witnessed a customers brand new puppy eat a seed and end up in the doggy ER.
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  6. yamadooski

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    Sago is cyad not a palm same for travelers its not a palm its a tree.
    The cyads rarely ever freeze there would have to be snow sitting on top of it for several days......ggeeeesh
    Even during the 13 day hard freeze in florida a few years ago sagos didn't die.
    It either nutrient deficiency or other which is the biggest problem that not even one you brought up was "ASIAN SCALE"
    If there are white bumps on the bottoms of the frongs you have Asian scale
    by which you need to take off each frong off so only the trunk is showing have it sprayed. If you try spraying it yourself it will be super expensive.
    Before they had chemicals for this I told all customers to use Hartz flea and tick spray. That was only a temporary fix.
  7. jvanvliet

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    My thought too; Asian Scale. It just about wiped out Florida's crop not too log ago. Nutritional deficiencies would have manifested prior to the cold season.

    I'd check for scale. If found, try Imidachloprid or Dinotefuran.
  8. Landscape Poet

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    If found I would go with the later first because of its quick uptake. Preventative the the dominion would not be a issue as long as directions for the proper drench are followed. Safari will be a much quicker uptake IMHO ...expensive product but quick and effective... word on the street is that EPA is not digging the soil residual of imidacloprid so finding alternatives now would be advised.
  9. the_bug_guy

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    It also looks like a high nitrogen fertilizer was used on it like a 20-20-20,. High nitrogen will fry a sago
  10. Low Tide Landscape

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    Cut off dead and add epson salt around the base of the sago!:drinkup:

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