Sahara- Soil Sterilizer

The Mowman

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Has anyone used or heard of a soil sterilizer called Sahara. It comes in powder form in 10 lbs. bags. I was wondering how close to trees you can apply it without risking harming the tree?


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Hayden, Al.
Mowman, I have used Sahara, and it is pretty good stuff. But I would stay away from any trees. I sprayed around a number of Momossa's and it didn't seem to hurt them, but it really nailed the Kudsu in the area that I wanted to treat.
I treated the end of May, and NOTHING has grown back since.
I went by the labled directions and it accomplished what both me and the customer wanted to do. But keep in mind that it is a "Total soil sterilant". But it has given full season control for us down in the South.