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    My turf is tall fescue and during the hot months, it got invaded by both Bermuda (I killed all the bermuda based on comments from other pro users from this forum) and now... Saint Augustine.

    Saint Augustine has invaded my tall fescue much more than I first expected. I started applying some roundup everywhere but soon realized that this cannot be the solution. It's spreading everywhere and pushing the nice fescue more and more and if I keep doing this I will be forced to resod the whole front lawn.

    My wife is really upset at me because our front lawn of our new house is all yellow and green from me trying to erradicate the Saint Augustine and the bermuda.

    Is there a way to erradicate or slow down the growth of this invading Saint Augustine grass so I will not loose all my tall fescue to it or is it a lost battle before I even try?

    I never had those problems back east. Growing tall fescue back east is really not a problem. I guess I have to learn the hard way like the pigrims of the west...

    Thank you so much in advance guys. All your comments will be very much appreciated.

    San Diego, California.
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    Ok not up on the fescue since we do not have it down here.

    I do know that 2 4D will kill St. Augustine if it is in Bahia.

    And Atrazine will kill Bahia if it is in St. Augustine.

    So check those labels.
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    Drive 75 should work for you at higher rates. It will only stunt St Augustine at lower rates but kill it slap dead at the high rate.


    I disaggree with you about both 2-4-D and Atrazine. Yes Atrazine is not labelled for Bahia but look how many people put it on Bahia with out any suppression of the Bahia. 2-4-D is in Lesco and Gordon's 3 way is labelled for St Augustine. True at higher rate 2-4-D will smoke anything including St Augustine. It is not what you apply, But How you apply it.

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