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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by happy, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I have a new guy that just started the first of May. He is one that I have in mind to stay for a while. How can I pay him in the winter to keep him around. I posted one thread about banking any overtime hours and then in the winter paying them out if we had a no snow week. People on that thread just keep bashing me so nobody has any ideas over there. He gets paid 9 an hour plus usually he gets 45 a week in bonus. This comes out to 10.13 an hour for 40 hours. We have been working 51, 59, 45 hours the last couple of weeks.
    Somebody please give me some suggestions on how to pay this employee when there is no work. But if there is no work then he will leave and I need him around during the 10 months when we are real busy
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    i have had about 5 guys this season all starting at 10$ and cant get one worth my time. But i would just pay him and have him clean the trucks mowers paint stuff, just keep him walking around doing something so he can make his hours, just dont pay him. If i can ask how you found your guy?
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    I pay my employee the same salary during the winter months whether we work or not. When you find someone good, you need to do what it takes to keep him or her.
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    Just pay him for those two months it will only be less then 3000.00 if it doesn't snow, so what's the big deal.
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    A lot of employees want to have money coming in year round so they like the idea of a fixed salary. The big companies started the trend now it is filtering down to all of us. Many just won't work by the hour. I don't know anything about the federal laws concening this but it appears it doesn't matter because if you want to hire the better people you have to give them salary. Now you see big crews working on Saturday...but no Sunday.
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    I agree with c4chris I have a guy on salary and he is well worth paying when we dont work in the winter. He makes up for it in the summer and in the winter months Ican go away on vacation or just take the day off and know that every thing is getting done to my standards.
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    just need to get some hardscaping jobs. learn to build decks. lay some patios, walkways. new planting beds.

    just gotta find two months of work that doesn't involve cutting.
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