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Discussion in 'Employment' started by LawnVeteran, Oct 8, 2019.

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    I am in the process of negotiating a salary for a local Lawn business that is doing very well and looking to grow.

    I’ve never had to negotiate a salary before and if anyone had any tips that I haven’t thought of let me know.

    At this point I am mainly looking at ways to cut expenses whether it’s wages, drive time, facility cost and diving into the owners business expenses to see what can be improved.

    I’m trying to justify my salary, so I can show on paper that my salary could be covered by a few simple time changes that could start immediately.
    Im licensed and know how the show works but I’m always open to new ideas.

    I feel bad because I used to be a hand getting less than 40 hours a week so employers could avoid benefits, but now I’m cutting hours to save money.

    any thoughts?
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    You’re over thinking this

    let the owner figure out all that, they (should) know how much they can afford ; you should know much you need.

    There’s a difference between being humble about your value and being “sorry” you cost so much.
    Don’t be sorry
    Key personnel/employees are hard to come by,
    Unless your salary requirements are reDONKulous someone will pay for your time.

    figure out what you need to live on... then add 15%
    Offer that you’re willing to accept a company truck for commuting purposes which mostly negates your cost to get to work and back (it still takes time)

    so in short , your needs plus 15% , company phone and personal use of company truck, which they can all
    Write off and with current tax standard deductions , typically you can’t.

    your mileage may vary but; typical salaries in this industry range from 45-75k plus perks, depending on who you are and who they are.

    if you’re worth more than 75k than you don’t need salary advice , you should already know where you sit.
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    if you actually know what you put on your resume and are a good worker and show your value most employers will pay you what you want negotiating before is normally harder to get what you want because unfortunately a lot of applicants lye with experience and knowledge which always annoys me because as a owner we have enogh to do so when someone embellishes it screws everything up the good thing is normally you can tell in 2 minutes if they kmow what there doing and I always love when you let them go they try to flip it on you and always have to say your equipment is **** that's why there having the problems
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    I don’t do what I do to try and become rich. I do what I do because it’s what I enjoy and money is just a bonus. At the same time if I am reviewing business ops, Fert programs, estimating and bidding, cutting expenses, training Foreman and crew chiefs. Route managing, All Vehicle and equipment maintenance. I feel more pay is justified as opposed than if I just made sure all the clients properties were serviced. Not just for me, but all the experienced Lawn guys/gals who do more than just maintain a set route.

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