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Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
In reply to Phil's message: This year I finally have reached the point where I have more work than I feel comfortable doing by myself. I have hired a part-timer to work one day a week (Friday of course). It became instantly apparent to me that I would have to increase my new bid prices. Although I was able to cut an extra 4 to 5 lawns a day with my new helper I was only making an extra 10 bucks. The cure is price increases for nearly 50% of my existing customers (none of which complained), removal of distant customers and adding 25% to my gut feeling bids.


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Richard Martin,<br>One way to look at it is, even though it is only an extra $10 you do the easy work all day...mowing. Your worker is the one taking all the flying debris, dirt, grass and pain; not you. <p>Rick<br>LawnWorks


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Southeast, MI
I'm so poor, I had to sell my truck for gas money<br>:)<p><br>Just kidding, Remeber biger is not always better, keep costs down, analyze your business plans. Listen to Bill<br>


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I made $1,354,905 last year with my 21&quot; Lawnboy. Do you think I could possibly hit the $1,500,000 range if I went with a Dixie Chopper? I hear they are pretty fast, but are they that much faster than my 21&quot;? <br>Just had to do that! lol<p>----------<br>When the mowing gets tough, sharpen your damn blades!<br>


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Just a suggestion here. If you really want solid information, you might want to do this as an e-mail response. Then letter-code the respondants, and gather the region where each is located since that is a big factor.<br>When you get done, post the results like Ray did but without naming names. This type of survey is done by one of the trade mags each year.

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