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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawn connection, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. lawn connection

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    Here is an example of one of my employees pay structure, please give me some feed back whether it is fair, un-fair or legal
    to compensate someone like this

    EXAMPLE: 56,000.00 salary- we track all hours worked (avg.45hrs per week per year )
    100% health and dental Insurance
    ( single or family )
    4 weeks paid vaction

    Responsibilities: over see route that consists of about 400 clients. This includes: production,service calls,some phone work, supervise other employees (part-timers), minor up-sales etc.

  2. Evan528

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    Can I come work for your company lawn connection? ;)
  3. GroundKprs

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  4. AztlanLC

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    Sound really fair to me, I'm happy to see that someone takes care of his employees, I'd say if your business are this big and you want to retain your employees pay'em as much as you can, as long as they producce. Just set goals for them too,

    I paid less but give an incentive bonus, if everything goes good for the week not complains of any kind then they get a $$ bonus for that week, at the begining of the year each crew stars with certain amount of $$ as christmas bonus, any damages, lost equipment, or any event that can be avoid it, gets deduct it from there no matter who's fault was in that crew, of course the foreman gets a bigger bonus I usually break it like this 40% 30% 30% with a 3 man crew
  5. Sean Adams

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    I think your pay structure is more than generous. I agree with aztlanlc about bonuses and incentives. It's not always easy to motivate employees in this field. making them accountable for their actions and making them realize they are compensated for their speed, efficiency and production will aways allow you to justify any pay outs you provide.
  6. bubble boy

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    legal, i can't say if its not.

    but from what you say, seems fair to me. i would imagine this guy is gold to your biz.
  7. rodfather

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    Just curious about a couple of things:

    1. Are weekends involved and how often?

    2. What is "production"? Swinging a hammer to build a deck, mowing lawns, etc. when needed?

    3. How soon on board is some one entitled to 4 weeks vacation?

    Looks ok to me...
  8. jkkalbers

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    Looks nice, especially the 4 weeks paid vacation, I don't think you have to pay overtime unless you are over 80 per every 2 weeks, which it sounds like it would be. I was also wondering, what does this person do in the winter?

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