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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lord of the Lawns, Nov 2, 2006.

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    I found this site looking for info on sales tax for services rendered in the state of Wisconsin, I have several customers from Illinois that insist on not paying the sales tax cause they don't tax services in Illinois...I need something I can print out and send to them with thier contracts and invoices.
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    1099 em or something for the amount of sales tax that they are refusing to pay as "other income" .
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    Illinois Retailer's Occupation and Use Taxes (sales Tax) do no apply to sales of service that do not involve the transfer of tangible personal property to customers. However, if tangible personal property is transferred incident to sales of service, this will result in either Service Occupation Tax Liability or Use Tax liability for the servicemen.

    this simply means:
    if you only maintain the property (labor) = no tax
    if you are a landscape engineer that buys property to plant or build, i.e. shrubs, pavers, trees, sod, pesticides to apply (tangible property)= sales tax on the material only.

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